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  1. Ok.. added to the Feature list? (I am not that good in programming PHP) :thumbsup:
  2. The biggest problem is that the product will get a new ID. That means that Google cannot find the product anymore. When I use the move function that is in osCommerce my SEO will notice that the product is moved and redirects to the correct category. So.. Is it possible to integrate the move function of osCommerce into you're code?
  3. Hi, Is there already a solution for the 'move product' issue? I still cannot find Easy Populate very useful when there is no such thing as a 'move product' feature. When I move my product on my sheet Easy Populate will duplicate this product into the new assigned category.
  4. Is there a possibility for EP to notice a category change of a product and move the item to the new category? As far as I can see now the only thing he does is making a duplicate of the item in the new category. He does not move the product to its new category.
  5. Hi, Is there a possibility that when a products does not show on the import sheet anymore that Easy Populate deletes this product?