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  1. when someone buys a giftcertificate they get an english mail that their order is placed in queue. Question is where can I find the language files for that mail so I can translate it to dutch? TIA chem
  2. Does not seem to work, the index is a blank page in firefox, and internal server error 500 in Internet Explorer. Is that because of the #Options +FollowSymLinks or should I look somewhere else? chem
  3. not yet, I thought that line wouldnt be there just for fun... but I will try :)
  4. Hi, My hoster says Options +FollowSymLinks is not allowed. Is there any way to make this work without it? TIA chem
  5. chemjul2005

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I have a problem with the autothumbnailer. If use the standard html_output.php for rc2a, I get double titles for the subcategory. If I use the html_output.php with no auto thumbnailer there is no problem, but obviously I have no autothumbnailer... Any idea where to look for the problem?
  6. Hi Vicster, Have you looked at the top left section of the products attributes section? I made the mistake of looking for the box in the actual attributes in the bottom half of the page. Took me a day of hair pulling before I saw the column "track stock?" in the top left... the productoptions...was there all along... :blush: hope that is the case with you too. gina
  7. there are more ways than 1 to do it. my way: log in to phpmyadmin select the database concerned backup your database (export in sql format, with drop tables, save file as somewhere on your local computer) open the config.sql-file on your local computer in notepad or something copy and paste in the sql-tab of phpmyadmin go hth gina
  8. chemjul2005

    pdf invoices for admin only

    in admin/includes/classes/fpdf.php: find //Send to standard output if(ob_get_contents()) $this->Error('Some data has already been output, can\'t send PDF file'); add before // clean the output buffer ob_clean(); worked for me...
  9. chemjul2005

    Ajax Order Editor

    So I have added this contribution, and all seems to be working. Except I still have to change the spanish comments for english one. Part of the reason I installed was that I want to be able to send the customer a new confirmation-mail after I have edited the order (or when a paypal-customer does not return). Could anyone tell me how I can make that happen? TIA Gina
  10. chemjul2005

    Ajax Order Editor

    thanks, was looking for something like that!
  11. chemjul2005

    Ajax Order Editor

    Hi, This is probably a stupid question, but I couldnt find the answer: I haven't installed the contrib yet, but if I have edited an order, is it possible to send it to the customer as a new confirmation of the order? TIA Gina
  12. chemjul2005

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thanks Bill, that was just what I was looking for, I was thinking too complicated and confusing myself.... Gina
  13. chemjul2005

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I am sorry it this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it: I want to adjust the productlisting page when you click on a category. I have made a template and added the desired text in dutch above $content, but I have 2 languages... Do I have to make another placeholder? Thanks for any hints! Gina
  14. found it! turns out a corresponding closing symbol wasn't commented out, hence the blank page. Gina
  15. Hi Olof, I have found out that in your version 4.3a you commented out a line in stats_low_stock_attrib.php, but than my stocklevel page goes blank. In version 4.3b the comment is gone and it works, but the stock below zero is not there... Gina
  16. thanks! is it better than winmerge (using that now)? Gina
  17. After about a month of comparing files and significant hairpulling I have finally got this contribution 4.3 on RC1 to work. But... (allways a but) in my shop it is possible for customers to order products I don't have in stock (short deliverytimes from my suppliers), so the stock regularly goes negative and doesn't show in the report. I know Olof has addressed this in his upgrade, but I don't want to upgrade everything and risk another month of getting it to work properly, especially since this upgrade is for RC2 and I am running RC1. Olof, could you please, please, please tell me what you changed where to make the low stock report show the negative stock? TIA Gina
  18. Could someone please tell me how I get the + 2.50 $ back instead of the actual price? It screws up the specials :( What lines should I change and where? Please help! Gina
  19. I have QTPro installed 4.3b (OScommerce RC1) and working, but when I have a product in specials, the dropdown box will show the prices without discount. When I add the product to my cart, the pricing is OK, so with the discount. I have searched this thread, but did not see the problem. Gina
  20. Hi, I have QTPro installed 4.3b (OScommerce RC1) but I can not add the quantity per attribute, only per product. And when I select the Stock Level Report, it gives Products stock: and than no products, and an EDIT button. When I press that button, I am able to add a product in the toplevel of my categories. Does this mean I have to add all my 200 products with available attributes again? Am I overlooking something simple? I also have ajax attribute manager (2.8.2) installed (plus lots of other mods). Gina
  21. chemjul2005

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Hi, Thanks for this great distribution chris, you did a great job. But I want to be able to manually enter the invoice-number. I do not only have orders generated by my OScommerce site. The dutch IRS requires us however to have sequential ordernumbers, so if an order is cancelled or if I have an order by phone or email, I need to be able to adjust the invoice-number. a) is that possible? B) how do I do that? TIA gina
  22. chemjul2005

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I got a complaint a few days ago that paypal was not working like it supposed to, than i went checking. I don' order much from my own store... I don't have much orders via paypal, the latest was in February (but perhaps that is because of the problem, not sure). Since than I have altered a few things, ultimate SEO - shipping costs - google analytics - some redefining of the orderreceipt-email. I only have the problem with 1 specific article, the cheapest I have. I did some test with pricing and it turns out the problem disappears if I raise the price above 1 Euro. Ordering 2 of this item helps too... very confusing...
  23. chemjul2005

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I have osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC1 working with Paypal IPN, but my question is: is the module paypal IPN that came with that version the same as this contribution? I have a problem with the amount being submitted to paypal being negative, and I *think* I have to upgrade to 2.3.3 but I simply don't know if it is the same contribution. Could anyone enlighten me, or tell me how to check that? Thanks! Gina
  24. thanks for the answer, I found the solution and I thought I replied to my own post. I guess I am having a blond day.. The solution was to choose the dutch language in the admin-pages, and than enter the metatags for the page. Normally I don't use the dutch admin, because a lot of my contribs are only in english and are a mess if i choose dutch. Kind regards, Gina