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  1. when someone buys a giftcertificate they get an english mail that their order is placed in queue. Question is where can I find the language files for that mail so I can translate it to dutch? TIA chem
  2. Does not seem to work, the index is a blank page in firefox, and internal server error 500 in Internet Explorer. Is that because of the #Options +FollowSymLinks or should I look somewhere else? chem
  3. not yet, I thought that line wouldnt be there just for fun... but I will try :)
  4. Hi, My hoster says Options +FollowSymLinks is not allowed. Is there any way to make this work without it? TIA chem
  5. chemjul2005

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I have a problem with the autothumbnailer. If use the standard html_output.php for rc2a, I get double titles for the subcategory. If I use the html_output.php with no auto thumbnailer there is no problem, but obviously I have no autothumbnailer... Any idea where to look for the problem?
  6. Hi Vicster, Have you looked at the top left section of the products attributes section? I made the mistake of looking for the box in the actual attributes in the bottom half of the page. Took me a day of hair pulling before I saw the column "track stock?" in the top left... the productoptions...was there all along... :blush: hope that is the case with you too. gina
  7. there are more ways than 1 to do it. my way: log in to phpmyadmin select the database concerned backup your database (export in sql format, with drop tables, save file as somewhere on your local computer) open the config.sql-file on your local computer in notepad or something copy and paste in the sql-tab of phpmyadmin go hth gina
  8. chemjul2005

    pdf invoices for admin only

    in admin/includes/classes/fpdf.php: find //Send to standard output if(ob_get_contents()) $this->Error('Some data has already been output, can\'t send PDF file'); add before // clean the output buffer ob_clean(); worked for me...
  9. chemjul2005

    Ajax Order Editor

    So I have added this contribution, and all seems to be working. Except I still have to change the spanish comments for english one. Part of the reason I installed was that I want to be able to send the customer a new confirmation-mail after I have edited the order (or when a paypal-customer does not return). Could anyone tell me how I can make that happen? TIA Gina
  10. chemjul2005

    Ajax Order Editor

    thanks, was looking for something like that!
  11. chemjul2005

    Ajax Order Editor

    Hi, This is probably a stupid question, but I couldnt find the answer: I haven't installed the contrib yet, but if I have edited an order, is it possible to send it to the customer as a new confirmation of the order? TIA Gina
  12. chemjul2005

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thanks Bill, that was just what I was looking for, I was thinking too complicated and confusing myself.... Gina
  13. chemjul2005

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I am sorry it this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it: I want to adjust the productlisting page when you click on a category. I have made a template and added the desired text in dutch above $content, but I have 2 languages... Do I have to make another placeholder? Thanks for any hints! Gina
  14. found it! turns out a corresponding closing symbol wasn't commented out, hence the blank page. Gina
  15. Hi Olof, I have found out that in your version 4.3a you commented out a line in stats_low_stock_attrib.php, but than my stocklevel page goes blank. In version 4.3b the comment is gone and it works, but the stock below zero is not there... Gina