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  1. I am still interested if anybody does this contribution use in a live shop? And do you wish this contribution to be improved? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry for this. But I am very bussy at the moment. Hope I will find some time to improve it soon. I am totally aware that the current version is still a mess of code.
  3. Quick fix to get no error: find in checkout.php (about line 1692): // one button is not an array if (document.checkout_payment.payment[0]) { document.checkout_payment.payment[buttonSelect].checked=true; } else { document.checkout_payment.payment.checked=true; } and just replace with: // one button is not an array /*if (document.checkout_payment.payment[0]) { document.checkout_payment.payment[buttonSelect].checked=true; } else { document.checkout_payment.payment.checked=true; }*/
  4. @acbatchelor Which USPS contribution do you use? There are a lots. @crwhite57 just download the Fully documented... standalone version the css you will find on the example page on the bottom.
  5. @@bmdllc Ok I found the problem: just delete the last div of the code below in checkout.php. </table><table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"> <tbody><tr> <td class="fieldKey">Company Name:</td> <td class="fieldValue"><input name="company" class="text" type="text"> </td> </tr> </tbody></table> </div>
  6. I would suggest just removing the whole checkout.php content and then adding one by one element. So you can find out what element causes the problem. @acbachelor: Thanks for pointing the problem with the java. I will fix that as soon as i have time.
  7. That's weird. On my site it is looking right. It looks as if your left and right columns are really big in its width. Have you changed the width's size of the columns?
  8. This addon works well. It just doesn't support Paypal Express Module. Anyway, why will you use Paypal Express when the checkout process is that short? Yes it creates a temporary account. It gets not removed in certain cases as far is I cecked that out: - Gets not removed when a customers returns not back to the checkout_success.php page. This happens by certain payment modules such as Paypal. - Gets not removed if you check out as guest but don't order something.
  9. Express works a bit different than Standard therefore it does not work properly. Anyway, I have never used Paypal Express as I don't see any advantages for my customers or guests. So I don't fixing that problem. You need to do it by yourself, sorry.
  10. @simonhornby Ok try this one out. You need to set the default country like this. in checkout.php find: //set $selected_country_id //if logged in set $selected_country_id from order class else from selected Post if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { $selected_country_id = $order->delivery['country']['id']; } else { $selected_country_id = $_POST['country']; } Replace with: //set $selected_country_id //if logged in set $selected_country_id from order class else from selected Post if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { $selected_country_id = $order->delivery['country']['id']; } else { //$selected_country_id = $_POST['country']; if (isset($_POST['country'])) { $selected_country_id = $_POST['country']; } else { $selected_country_id = '204'; //here you can set your default country ID } } Hope that works this way.
  11. @@redrum It should. Just try it out. @@kebo That's too specific. You need that to code for for yourself. @@KariL On My IE and Firefox 13 it shows right. Have you tried playing with the CSS? .sm_layout_box{ border: 1px solid #A6C9E2; padding: 20px; margin-top: 30px;} First, try ginving it a width: 500px just to see if its because of the boxes. @@simonhornby Which shipping methods are you talking about and how have you set these up? And how have you set the selected country defaulting to the store country?
  12. The demo is currently with hiding the shipping options. Just choose switzerland as the country to see it updated.
  13. Hi dvale, this is version 2.0 Alpha. It is set in the INSTALL file. I hope not. I have tested everything twice and solved the bugs I encountered. So it should run correct except for some payment modules I have not tested or new shipping modules. In the Install file you will see what works.
  14. This is the official support thread for Smart Checkout. Contribution Link: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8459
  15. strub

    Europe Cookie Laws

    Yes, a little bit. They have it written in their privacy that their site uses cookies. So I will do just the same without any popup or so visitor have to click if they allow cookie, that is just stupid and would propably make that visitors just leave your site.