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    Ok - point taken, However , i have subsequently installed a fresh copy of oscommerce on a test site and then installed the CCGV contrib only to be faced with the same problem as before - this now rules out errors in my coding as i simply installed the files as is and altered them to enable the register globals fix. could this be a problem with my server set up - as i have said previously i am running mysql 3.28 (damn webfusion won't update my VPS) any help would be appreciated as i see this contrib as a vital part of my marketing strategy. thx.
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    Vger , perhaps you could help me, i have installed this contrib , using the manual method (as i have other contribs) all is well on the admin backend and i can create vouchers and coupons no problem, but when i try to look at the catalog front end the page is completely blank not even my logo graphic is there, i have searched this forum but cannot find the answer and i have spent hours re trawling over my code edits and everything seems fine. any suggestions ?
  3. Thx - i replaced the code as you suggested but still i have no other content in my admin panel other than the selections on the top left. i can still select them etc... they just don't show anything in the main window. i know it's something to do with the admin files because if i revert just the changed admin files everything goes back to normal (only without the discount code functionality). could i maybe post specific files for you to check over ?
  4. i have replaced the code as suggested and again i have no admin panel content except for the top left corner box. my phpmyadmin states i am running mysql 3.23.58 not version 5. hope this helps. my full server setup is a webfusion VPS running plesk 8.1.1 with virtuozzo panel thx again 4 your help
  5. i have a slightly different problem from what i have seen on here , all the contrib has been added but when i get to my admin page most of it is missing, just the top left config box remains. i had to manually add the table to the database but got frequent PRIMARY KEY must NOT NUL errors saying i should use UNIQUE instead. so the i was left with a non functioning admin panel. i reinstalled my original pre mod admin files (these only) and got my admin panel back with the discount coupon order totals module still there. when i try to install the module i get :- 1171 - All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL; If you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS discount_coupons_to_orders ( coupons_id VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', orders_id INT(11) DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (coupons_id,orders_id) ) [TEP STOP and when i reinstall the mod i lose my admin panel again HELP
  6. HELP ! Well firstly , i have exausted all my other options as i have tried every fix i can find to get easy populate working (curently using modded 2.76d) first problems were that i had more error messages than text on the page (fixed those with some added code) then i had the usual problems with tempdir (fixed those again with added code) Now i have what looks like a working EP however when i upload the file size always shows blank and no matter how many products i try to add i get nothing in my database ? I have even tried downloading a fresh file from my site with 1 product in it then deleting that product from my database and re-uploading it but nothing gets added to the database. I never get any output from ep other than the temp file name etc and where it would normally show the file size there is nothing ? here is the output i get when i add to the database:- Easy Populate 2.76d-MS2 - Default Language : English(1) File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpvUoD35 User filename: 10producttest.csv Size: no extra ouput other than that. I am a complete novice to osc and php (i have all the gear, but no idea) so i am in desperate need of some insight. I have over 3000 products to enter into my database and really don't want to spend the next six months entering them manually. Thx in advance for any and all help. :'(
  7. Hi guys, i'm quite sure this problem has been covered before (i know of at least 2 other post i myself have made) but i am being driven insane by EP i have installed various version and found 2.76d to be stable (once i patched it with jb's fix) my problem is that when i upload to the database i get a message saying the file was uploaded but the file size remains blank and i get no other output and nothing goes into the database. If any has seen this before and knows a fix PLEASE put me out of my misery. thx (in advance). :'(