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  1. I would like to install this contribution, as it looks very promising, but is it possible to have a preview, a store that uses it or a printscreen? On a second note, as a possible improvement of it, may I suggest the automatic renaming of pictures, when added, like product-model-id-01.jpg or similar? Helps both on SEO and the general well working of a store. (I believe it is unfortunately possible when you add pictures of identical names to have the older ones replaced and lost, like it's happening in the classic OSC install.) Thanks in advance.
  2. I just rechecked and apparently my issue in not related to the Ultimate SEO URLs. However, one small bug still remains: products with options do not have SEO URLs when you click on them from the shopping cart. Not that it would matter, since a shopping cart is a user-based page, and it does not affect your Google SERPs.
  3. Hello vincent, just double check the location of the store and you can also see below my own .htaccess, it's slightly different than yours though. Good luck! On another hand, does anyone have any idea about my issue (see my post above)?
  4. Hi, First of all, I'm not a PHP expert, but I do know enough things to install contributions, solve a few problems and customize OSC to my needs. A couple of days ago I came across this annoying error. It happens when I add to cart a product from the store which has product options. The error is absent on option-less products and generally it does not appear but only in this situation. I have an online bookstore, modded, register_globals are off and server runs PHP5 as cgi (also referred to as PHP_SuExec). Only recently I needed to add options to some of the books and encountered this error. I suspect its due to something related to the Ultimate SEO URLs html rewriting. Specifically: when I add a product to cart and the product has price options (ex. +$10 if hardcover), I get this: First thing one would do is to check the sessions.php file, which I did. It reads: I'm at witts' end, for the past few days I searched high and lo, on OSC forum and other places, thought and tried different approaches, but to no avail. I just cannot pinpoint exactly where the problem is, let alone solve it. Someone advised me to ask here, as this might be related to the SEO URLs contrib. Here's two example links: Product without options, works great: http://www.ideeaeuropeana.ro/sculptorul-p-1.html Product with options, displays error: http://www.ideeaeuropeana.ro/noaptea-strainului-p-8.html This could be an older problem which I never came across since I never needed product options before. But the store is not that heavily modded. Option values are passed in the URL as a string, but that's decoded and turned into an array. I never changed anything about options, as I never used them before. The situation I have only appears on one occasion: where a product has options (example: +$3 option). Adding that product to cart generates the error. If I comment out the lines in sessions.php, the error disappears, product can be added to cart with no problems, cart is displayed as it should, but I get a 'blank' session called "Array" in the database and cart is no longer unique session-based. It creates a session called "Array", accessible by anyone browsing the shop. For some reason, instead of putting a correct sesskey, something like "09bf230aba9a108b3a93ea77d0baeca3", it always adds to a sesskey called "Array". There's one huge elephant somewhere, I just can't see where it is. If there's anyone who has any idea why this is happening, or someone who encountered this thing before, please, your help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Inferos

    Stirling Product Tabs

    Any chance you could share it up? I'm trying to do the same thing. Thanks in advance!
  6. I just installed this wonderful contribution. I am using a heavily modded shop, not just the user frontend, but the admin section as well. The "categories.php" file itself has suffered a lot of modifications and I couldn't simply replace it with the new one, but had to use a file compare program and add only the new code. Last version by dr_lucas, Admin Products Paging v.4.0, works splendidly. I did a test replacing my old categories.php file with the new one provided in the package and it works flawlessly. None of the bugs I've read about in this thread exist, such as the "Page couter doesn't work correctly for first record on any next page". No idea why, but for me it worked with no problems. Now back to the use of the contribution. I tested the new "categories.php" file provided by dr_lucas and everything's great. Problem is, I use a modded "categories.php" and I must 'add' the contribution onto the old file. 1. Use a file-compare program. I used WinMerge which is a free software. You can get it from http://winmerge.org/ 2. Compare the 2 "categories.php" using the program. See what you must add to your old file from the new code, and where. After I've done the above steps, I uploaded the "categories.php" resulted. Got the SQL error. Upon comparing the files again, I realized my mistake was to oversee the line at around 857 (new categories.php from the contrib) vs. line 890 (my old categories.php). By mistake, I thought it's the same variable. But it's not. This is why I was getting the SQL error. The old variable $products_query was defined differently than the new one, which used an intermediate $prod_sql variable. Fixed this and lo and behold, everything works perfectly now for my shop admin.
  7. Hi there, I also checked with Firefox and IE and there's no sign anywhere of the problem you described, everything looks good. Hope that helps.
  8. Hi, Spooks! I've installed your contribution and it works flawlessly! Thank you so much for sharing this with the rest of us! Is there any possibility to have implemented into the specials.php also? Thanks in advance! E.
  9. Inferos

    Remove Unused Images

    First of all thanks for the splendid contrib! My question is what needs to be edited in order to delete the unused images? I noticed there's a mention of this being possible in the comments inside the file, but no idea how to do it. Normally for a few hundred products there's no problem connecting to ftp afterwords and deleting them, but in my case, there are more than 2000 pictures, some of which unused anymore, and most servers (through the ftp clients) are unable to list more than 2000 files, and truncate the listing to just about that. So basically there's no way to access (delete etc.) the files, other than manually delete them one by one through cPanel. Thanks! *later edit* I used a trick to be able to finish the job, changed the renaming mask to #UNUSED_ instead of UNUSED_, so all newly renamed files were listed on top of the list. This way I could connect through ftp and delete them with no problem.
  10. Hi all, My question is regarding the special characters present in languages other than English. I noticed Google searches produce very good results in the same way I'd like them in my OsCommerce store. If I search "araş" or "åras", or "aras", I'd like to get the same results. Say I have a product named "araş", and another named "åras". Searching for "aras" should produce the two above results. Searching for "araş" should produce the same two above results. Searching for "åras" should produce the same two above results. Is it possible? Thanks!
  11. I have the exact same problem. Anyone has any idea how to fix this? Couldn't find any contribution, even though the issue doesn't look too complicated, but perhaps either not many people used the free shipping module or they or their clients didn't have a problem if the other s/h options weren't displayed when free shipping quota was reached. Anyway, thanks in advance to whoever can bring up with a solution to this.