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  1. thanks for great work, (i installed properly last version seo url) im trying to use special character conversions as follows: Ş=>S,Ç=>C,Ö=>O,Ğ=>g,İ=>i,Ü=>Ü,ş=>s,ş=>s,ç=>c,ö=>o,ğ=>g,ı=>i,ü=>u product urls are ok (product names includes above special chars) but category urls are missing (including above special chars). it removes special characters (Remove all non-alphanumeric characters option is "false") for example category name "ğğğğabcğğğğ", seo url redirects to "abc-c-22.html" how can i fix that problem? note: i did reset cache option to fix that but doesnt work thanks alot
  2. osicommerce

    Quantity Price Breaks

    open catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php find this line( file includes total 3 same line ): $pf = new PriceFormatter; below add this line for each : $pfs = new PriceFormatterStore; ------------------------------- this worked for me
  3. great contribution . But it doesnt work in listing page with Ultimate SEO URL or if product includes attributes (if one of them exist ). in product info page it works perfectly..
  4. your inbox is full i cant send message to u..