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  1. Pensive

    invoice tax issues

    Hiya I have 2.2MS2 most recent version, but not RC1. I understand upgrading is going to be nothing short of a nightmare since i have at least 20 mods in place. One of the mods affects the invoice (professional invoice and packing slip or soething) but i was having this problem before I installed it so its not that - in fact its had this problem since i remember. each product line displays the unit price ex vat correctly. It also displays the correct tax value (17.5%). the inc vat unit price is the same as the ex vat for no particular reason. SubTotal is ex-vat - correct it adds shipping then VAT then total is correct sum of above 3 values. Anyone know why? Is the unit price with VAT calculated in the invoice.php, or is it stored in the order table? Could it be invoice.php asking for the same value twice instead of the tw values? I smell a long breadcrumb trail on the horizon - Im really hoping someone will know exactly what to do. This is my last hurdle before going live......any help is GREATLY appreciated.
  2. It works for me - many thanks for the tip. Great contribution too - no pasting :) me like. I still have another problem though - ex vat and inc vat prices are the same on the product lines - any ideas people?
  3. Not so captain! this was the beast that lay in my FTP lair..... http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=251673
  4. Opensource in general also means free due to a general lack of any individual ownership of intellectual property, as it does in this case, and the fact is - that is what attracts most people to it. You're trying to help me fix one in another thread right now - the shipping admin interface bug - nothing to do with me. I'm not trying to curse osC its pretty good, for its flaws, however the contribution system is a little nuts and bolts, compared to say, wordpress, which is an exemplary example.
  5. It sounds like you would be better off with a commerical package and the support it provides. "free" software always comes at a price, whether it be functionality or ease of use. I concur though - I have added so many contributions and fixed so many bugs now, I'm convinced it would have been cheaper to buy an off the shelf commercial package and save the time.
  6. Pensive

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    Added 1.42 version to the contribution area - fixes the nagging issue with the incorrect echo ; that doesnt seem to work on some installations. Replaced it with a properly encapsulated line break "echo('<br>');", this solves display issues on some isntallations, and should not adversely affect other installations. Rgds
  7. Thanks for a great contrib- so simple... It almost works for me!!! I get the little box with the articles listed from my wordpres DB (i put them in my column_right.php), but when i click on them content.php displays the foreboding error message -Unable to select database The wierd thing is I have copied and pasted the same database details from the wpcats.php file, which works. I can only think that mysql doesnt like the second access. This leads me to believe I should get wpcats.php to close the db connection once its got its info.....It doesnt appear to do that - can anyoen tell me how to ?
  8. Pensive

    News Blog V1.0

    Abject apologies ofr the spam - it wont let me edit now either.... :( I have checked the Heading_TItle in news.php - it reads correctly....what on earth is wrong? I've looked everywhere
  9. Pensive

    News Blog V1.0

    I am intersted in both of these points! NAVBAR_TITLE most importantly - any takers?
  10. Pensive

    News Blog V1.0

    I forgot to tick "email notification" - sorry. A bug in the forum!!!! Or a spammer DOS protection routine...who can say?
  11. Pensive

    News Blog V1.0

    I think you guys have added the functions to the wrong file. There are two genreal.php's catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php is not catalog/includes/functions/general.php have alook. I did the same thing. I think it must be something derren browny to do with the typoe in the text file ;) I also made the same mistake with the Open /catalog/admin/includes/languages/english.php Open /catalog/admin/includes/filenames.php entries. Incidentally - when you try to post a reply it says you must login, but if you click the link to the login page it doesnt work....any ideas?
  12. Incidentally, if you have 50 quid spare, you could do worse than magneticone's OSCommerce Store MAnager. I tried excelimport, and had some issues with my products. Knowing that Easypopulate was based on it, and an easypopulate user had had the same probleme, I decided to buy this software. I exported everything to a CSV, deleted it all and then re-added it, fixing my language problem. But it allows you to copy, paste, export to excel, import from CSV (just like easypopulate), and you can download a demo from their site to try it out as well. If EasyPopulate is missing some features you may find them in this software. Think of it as PHPMyAdmin with EasyPopulate integrated into it, and a large proportion of the OsCommerce admin interface integrated as well. No i dont work for magneticone, I am just pleased it could fix my problems (And another i have had since as well.)!! :)
  13. Pensive

    Table Rate not working

    I ahve the same problem. I have bought magneticone's store manager, and in the configuration there, I managed to override the contents of this field, which now displays correctly in admin. Unfortunately, the other fields i want to change are not available to edit in storemanager, and any changes i make in oscomemrfce admin are not saved to the DB as detailed in the posts before. The DB field is correct, is being read in correctly by both oscommerce admin and store manager - so why can only storemanager change the DB contents fo rthese items? World beware- too many mods spoil the shop. I tried to use excel import, and it buggerd my product list which I then had to delete and reimport with storemanager to repair. I fear this problem may be an offshoot of the same issue foolish escapade. Please can anyone help me?
  14. Hi all Wonder if you cna help me - im tearing my hair out - http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...=258638&hl= I have read this thread where someone has the same problem as me using easypopulate, however I have it after using excel import (which is easypopulates grandfather). I have two languages, and admin accesses, updates and displays the fields for both languages fine, but the site simply says there arent any products when you select german. English displays everything perfectly. KonnexStore Is there a screwed up link to the language ID anywhere? I deleted spanish (via amin only), was wondering if language ~ID is out somewhere in the PHP files or something? If anyone at all can help me it'd awesome. cheers Jon
  15. Pensive

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Also i should mention: http://www.w3schools.com/css/ Very useful try it editor - stick the code in the left box and click update to update the preview on the right Very handy - especially for users of Basic Design PAck who dont have much CSS experience