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    Wow, thanks for your fast answer... :lol: I hope it isn't to much work to find the bug :rolleyes: Greets
  2. dabbidu

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    Hi, First I want to thank kymation for this very nice contrib. :thumbsup: Maybe I have found a small bug when adding products over the cart. Following Case: Running a Special limited offer like: Buy 2 Product-Y and get 1 Product-Y for free! and a Special limited offer: Buy 2 Product-Z and get 1 Product-Z for free! 1. I add 1 x Product-Y to cart over product_info.php 2. I add 1 x Product-Z to cart over product_info.php 3. All seems to be OK 4. Now changing quantity from Product-Y in cart to 2 pcs. to get the free Product-Y and pressing update 5. A free product-Y has been added automatically to the cart - all is correct 6. Now changing quantity from Product-Z in cart to 2 pcs. to get the other free Product-Z and pressing update 7. and now the bug happens 8. The free Product-Y has been automatically removed from cart and the quantity from Product-Y has been set back to 1 pcs., 9. The free product-Z has been correctly added to the cart and the quantity of Product-Z has been set to 2 pcs.. Did anyone have the same problem or did anyone have a workaround for this problem. Thanks for any help!