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  1. Hello I am a fairly novice OScommerce user We added some contributions to OSC eg Cross Sell Wholesale Discount Codes Easy Populate Some time ago they all seem to work fine, the issue now though is in the Admin area i now have three versions of the Catalog menu in the left menubar - Does anyone know how i might correct this? Image attached Many thanks Macca
  2. I should have mentioned that I have them currently set up as OSC intended, Category, Sub, Product but it would be better if I could acomplish something like the example above.
  3. Hello I have been unable to find a solution to this, so I hope you can help. I am trying to create a Category called Spare Parts, when you click into this you will be given images of 4 Models, when you click into a model you are given a list of all spare parts with images this should also have an add to cart feature for each. An example of what I am trying to accomplish can be see here Can anyone offer me advise on how to accomplish this Regards Marco
  4. Hi Bill, Today I did a fresh install and I installed my downloaded version of dynamenu, without STS. It worked perfectly, there is definatly an issue with STS and Dynamenu as I have tried twice to install it over fresh installs with STS. Can you please offer any further advice? Many thanks Marco
  5. Hi Bill Following exactly you instructions and refreshing at each point. Added the following to the sts_column_left.php require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'dm_categories.php'); $sts->restart_capture('dmbox', 'box'); // Get Dynamenu Category box Causing the up the following error Categories Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/…../catalog/includes/boxes/dm_categories.php on line 267 LayersMenu Error: setMenuStructureString: empty string. Halted. Added the following to my sts_template.html under the breadcrumb trail <table border="1" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1"> <tr><td>$dmbox</td></tr> </table> Causing the following error: Categories Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/…../catalog/includes/boxes/dm_categories.php on line 267 LayersMenu Error: setMenuStructureString: empty string. Halted. The error remained the same for the last additions Do you have any more ideas what might be causing this problem? Tracy had me compare the dynamenu files to those in the mega power pack, they are identicle Marco
  6. Hi Tracy, Ok I am very confused now. I have not installed the Megapower packs at all. I have downloaded it as you suggested and I have compared all the files from dynameu with the dynamenu files in the mega power pack, there is no differences. I have not compared the other files as the mega power pack isn't installed and would therefore show up numerous differences. Please Advise Marco
  7. Hi Tracy thanks for the swift reply, the problem I have is I started there. I clicked on the link but the only mention of Dynamenu is down the bottom called: Dynamenu & STSv4 which is Bills explanation of how to get Dynamenu installed with STS, there is no Dynamenu files to compare to, I searched in contributions for dynamenu and installed from there. Can you give me some more info please on the files I should compare? Thanks again Marco
  8. Hey there people, I feel I am learing (at snails pace) the bascis of OSC now but I am still having trouble due to my lack of php knowledge. Anyway my problem at the moment is with installing dynamenu with my fresh install of oscommerce-2.2rc2a, I have also installed STSv4.5.8_1_2 and ran a sql statement to remove coutries thats it. I followed the instructions to install Dynamenu_for_osCommerce_v1 uploaded all new files. I then followed Bill Kellum's How to get Dynamenu to work with STSv4x instructions, when I get to #3 add <?php include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'dm_categories.php'); ?> to the sts_template.html and <?php echo $GLOBALS['dmfooter']; ?> just before the </body> tag. I get the following error: Line 78 reads: $sts->image($src); // Take image from template folder if exists. as part of: Someone suggested commenting that out, this generates the following error Line 255 Reads: Does anyone know why I can not install Dynamenu? Marco
  9. Can Anyone help please
  10. Hey Guys, I am new to this. I am trying to add loginbox 5.7 to a new install of STSv4.5.8 I have followed instructions but when I try to add file to the column_left of sts_column left.php files, it breaks my table spacing. This is even before I try to Add this code to sts_user_code.php I have reverted back to the original STS without loginbox but desperately need it. I am a novice at this and desperatley need help to install this. Regards Macca
  11. Hey guys I am a complete newcomer, I am trying to sort my products (shoes) by size and as I am sure you know by default they just display randomly. I have spent hours (actually days) reading through this forum and downloaded the following. New Attribute Manager v4b Easypopulate v2.76e-MS2 (with attributes) AJAX-AttributeManager-V2.7 Attribute Sorter and Copier v.6.0.2 Linkmatics_AttributeSetsPlus_v1.2 Linkmatics_AttributeSetsPlus_v1.2, seems to be the one, but I dont have a clue to be honest. All I want to do is sort the shoes by sizes 7, 7.5, 8.........10, 10.5 I am doing a full backup now and I am going to try after that. Please let me know if this is the wrong one. Thank you very much for your time. Marco