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  1. I always have a normal copy and a zip copy on the server, on my desktop, on external harddisk and in my cloud. Few months out of date? Shop is working properly, why I should update? New features? Faster? More security?
  2. To be honest, I dont understand the updates on github! Admin; last commit 2 days ago, when I open the file the last commits of the files are 2 years ago??? open backups -> htaccess ; last commit 2 years ago. I started a new shop with 234BS EDGE a few months ago, so I suppose i'm up 2 date. The only clear file is https://github.com/g...0361?diff=split in this one I see the differences between old and new. If others files are not like this one I dont RISK to updating my working shop. I'm happy with 234BS EDGE, it does what I whant and I will never return to the regular OSC. Where do I find Sourcetree? Thanks all for this great ecommerce shop and for the support
  3. Thanks Phil for clarifying this for me. Whish you a nice weekend kind regards Kozak
  4. Is there somewhere any good examples of overrides in users.css ? thanks for help
  5. When using Firefox Inspect Elements it happens that IE refers to inexistent files like Scaffolding.less.css. You have to use Inspect Elements with Firebug. Should be easier to have ALL the css rules in user.css
  6. Melhor

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    this are the right/correct folder/directories : catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/content/front_page/cm_fp_featured_products_carousel.php catalog/includes/modules/content/front_page/cm_fp_featured_products_carousel.php catalog/includes/modules/content/front_page/templates/cm_fp_featured_products_carousel.php if you useOTHER languages then English you to upload this also in your other languages folders !! like ; catalog/includes/languages/spanish/modules/content/front_page/cm_fp_featured_products_carousel.php catalog/includes/languages/german/modules/content/front_page/cm_fp_featured_products_carousel.php If you dont have featured products you will see NOTHING
  7. to be popular, it should be at least easily, sufficiently extensive and hassle free. OSC is an excellent FREE E-Commerce tool which is ideal for programmers, who with their knowledge can make the necessary adjustments and can earn thus a lot of money with a FREE Tool. For the average trader is too COMPLEX to build an E-Shop itself. An OSC with turnkey, sufficient enhancements and easy adjustments in the admin site, a variety of themes, SEO, protections, backups, instructions, and so on will turn of OSCommerce a very popular program. I, as manager of banquet halls, antique car restorer and importer, distributor of fashion find websites and webshops important, but I build them with passion itself. It takes a lot of time and effort to build the perfect shop, but find satisfaction in the fact that my clients loves my sites and find them sublime. Without IT training, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, through my passion for websites and many tips from programmers. Webshops construction with OSCommerce became a hobby. I thank everyone for the help and the free tools.
  8. Yes, true for coding its easier. the Modular Front Page looks and works good. I would like that the Banner Rotator are displayed on ALL pages :) :) I used Nivo slider before but can get it working in the BS edition :( :( :( You already convert a FrankStanza categorie carousel in FP. His new one Category New Products Carousel (bootstrap) works on several pages. Little work for you to convert this one also to FP. When I finish my shops I have a surprise for you. regards Kozak
  9. Hi Architect, I found an article for a issue when you have to upload a bunge of pictures (like me). Lookk at http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/400782-multiple-large-images-upload-from-adminpanel-at-once/?hl=image I'm sure you can work out this in a great addon good luck Kozak
  10. Most Greeks calls Spiros :) Yes, sometimes its confusing, your not the only one. An addon calls Banner Rotator but in de php files/admin its a categorie banner or a carousel Why??? Mercedes is a car (brand), i sleep with Mercedes but not with a car. That's the same, people get confused even when it is simple. The Error whas caused by my own fingers, hat to change something in /frontpage/templates/cm_fp_carousel.php and took a file with the SAME name in the WRONG folder. My FAULT, sorry. But why they have all the same name? tp_fp_carousel.php for the templates files and cm_fp_carousel.php for the frontpage files is to difficult? ALL RIGHT I remember, it calls SIMPLICITY :) :) :) No matter, your addons and manuals are great regards Kozak
  11. I know these are working, but since I also have the front page modules, I can get it works :( :(
  12. Dear Jim, James, aka Kymation (sounds SF), is there a way to open the Generic link in a NEW window? Thanks for your kind support regards Kozak
  13. Right, it's not yours. Maybe your brother or nephew? Because it's also a Keebaugh. $Id: cm_fp_carousel.php, v2.0 20160201 Kymation$ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright © 2016 James C Keebaugh Released under the GNU General Public License v2.0 or later regards Kozak
  14. fix it. it was cm_fp_caroussel.php