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  1. aidanfarnan

    Looking for an Addon for Item Options

    If i understand you properly i think you can do this with the default install of OSc2.2. You just define the different options in Admin --> Catalog --> Product Attributes. If you add an attribute for each product it appears as a drop down list on each product page. So you have one product page with multiple options on it. Hope this helps, Aidan.
  2. aidanfarnan

    QTPro and Attribute Inventory

    Hi Peter, I have just added QTPro to my site and i think it does what you are looking for. I found the manual in one of the zip files from the contribution page: Go here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/888 Download QTpro 4.3 and go to "New install or update from version before 4.25" directory in the zip file and you should see manual.htm which gives a good idea of what the contribution does for you. QTPro allows me to modify the stock of each item type (in my case: length, diameter, angle. In your case colour etc). It also does a low stock report which will show all stock that is below a certain level at that time. I found that you can set the "low stock level" to be a high value and then you can get a full stock report of everything currently in stock. Hope this helps, Aidan.