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  1. mhenderson

    Non-Inventory Products

    I don't know what you mean, non-inv ?
  2. QT Pro might work for you. You can add the number of option items in your stock.
  3. I use it competitiveangler.com I could help, probably
  4. mhenderson

    Registry Contribution (Support Thread)

    I installed it fairly quickly (you have to use a compare/diff software), but spent quite a bit of time bugging it. Probably, because installing with a compare software is new, and hard, for me. There is some room for error. Peace, Matt
  5. mhenderson

    Multiple Images

    You could get a text editor for your admin side. When you are adding a product, you can insert a photo to the description. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4563 You can also used Options as Images. It puts photos with each of your attributes, if you want to. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/94 This was harder, but I really like it. See :store (This is a test store, please don't make any orders at this time). Peace, Matt
  6. mhenderson

    Gift Registry

    You just use a file compare program to install the php These programs are free. search the Internet.
  7. mhenderson

    Gift Registry Question

    You can add registry occasions in the SQL, with phpmyadmin.
  8. The events are stored in the database. Did you install the SQL?
  9. mhenderson

    Registry Contribution (Support Thread)

    What's wrong with displaying the address? You mostly by registry products for your friends. Wouldn't people know where they're friends live.
  10. mhenderson

    Registry Contribution (Support Thread)

    After I made my registry, I can click on <click here> and it goes to registry mode.
  11. mhenderson

    Unique Attributes

    we have entered like 2,000 values for our store, so when the attributes page loads, it takes a really long time. Is there a way to limit the attributes that show on that screen. Because I only need to see the values for some options, not all of them. I think I need a page before that page, to chose the options to display Other wise, this works great!
  12. mhenderson

    [Contribution] CSS Manufacturers Box

    Works for me. I just removed the rollover image border, so it won't show up in Internet Explorer. Good work! Peace
  13. This works: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...me+product_info
  14. mhenderson

    New Attribute Manager Released..

    Our store will have thousands of attributes. Colors brand A color 1 color 2 color 3 colors brand B color 4 color 5 color 6 and so on... But with this attribute manager, it lists every possible option and option value on one page. This could be a problem when we get to have so many options and values. Would it be possible to show only the options that apply to the product we're adding. So if I'm working on a product made by brand J, we don't have to scroll past all the options and values for A through K. Maybe there could be a page bwtween the page where it asks for the name of the product and the page where it has all the option value check boxes. There could be some checkboxes to choose which options to display on the final page.