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  1. bdepew

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    how can I add a field for telephone # and, when i get the email i dont get the results of the fields, i mean i get the Order ID and the message but i dont get the full name or email results. is it supposed to be like that? i get the order id so I should be able to get the full name and email address, which file is that in?
  2. bdepew

    EZier New Fields

    I just installed and it almost works, when I change the product to "taxable item" it then takes the amount from the "Products Price (Gross):" field and puts it in the "your price" on the store? If I put it back to be non-taxable then it works fine. any ideas?
  3. Hello, for some reason I am missing the "prod info" under configuration in the admin area? I just installed it, must have missed some code some where or something, where would i start looking?
  4. bdepew

    QTPRO help

    I just installed but for some reason I am missing the "product listing" and "Prod Info" under "configuration in the admin area, what am i missing? thanks!
  5. got it all installed and when i tried to go into the admin area I get "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /homepages/18/d241181317/htdocs/storenew/admin/includes/boxes/catalog.php on line 31" this is my line 31 "'<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DISCOUNT_COUPONS, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_CATALOG_DISCOUNT_COUPONS . '</a>' );" any ideas?
  6. Where can i get this package tracking module?> thanks
  7. bdepew

    [CONTRIBUTION] osC Helpdesk v1.0

    I got the helpdesk to work to a point, but I know I am supposed to do something to the MySQL database, but i cant figure out what, anyone help me on this? thanks
  8. bdepew


    also. what fields do you add to the database and where do you add them? and how? thanks
  9. bdepew


    I to am having this same problem, can you tell us what you did>? thanks Brian