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  1. krachico

    Verisign Issues

    Hi, I have forgot to mention something in my previous post : - For now when you go to your https://manager.paypal.com account to set your PAYFLOW LINK configuration don't check 'Force Silent Post Confirmation' because if you check it your customer will get this message : "Transaction declined! Your transaction was approved! However, a communication error with the merchant's site occurred. The transaction has been voided, please contact the merchant." I noticed that even though the error message 'Transaction declined' was generated the order will still be sent to your customer of course only when the CC is valid. I think this option in conjunction with Silent POST would be a very interesting option since it will adds more robustness to your payment process by charging your customer only when your web store has confirmed to PAYFLOW LINK that it has received the Silent Post data. I wish someone could work on this issue so osCommerce will be able to send back a confirmation to PAYFLOW LINK server once it receives a silent post data. Khaled Rachico
  2. krachico

    Verisign Issues

    Hi Again, In my previous post I said that the change suggested didn't work for me. Sorry it was a my mistake. Now I tested it many times and believe me it works comme une merveille. I want to add something : If someone wants to have both normal post and silent post he can do that. How ? just go to the PAYFLOW Link configuration in https://manager.paypal.com and 1. do what I have done in step (4) from the previous post 2. set 'Return URL' to 'your_root_catalog/checkout_success.php' (it is checkout_success.php (or any other page) but avoid checkout_process.php because you don't want to submit the same order twice especially when it is a virtual product like a PIN number which of course would make your customer very happy but not you) Here I would like to thank all osCommerce contributors, especially osCommerce Team and many others like Rahman and Silencer for their wonderful 'Virtual Unique Products' contribution. Good luck Khaled Rachico
  3. krachico

    Verisign Issues

    Hi, Please someone has any suggestion about this issue ? Since now the new URL for sending a new PAYFLOW LINK Authorization is https://payflowlink.paypal.com I have done the change mentioned earlier in this post: 1) I have updated this line in my_catalog_root/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/cc_via_verisign.php : from define('MODULE_PAYMENT_VERISIGN_URL','https://payflowlink.paypal.com'); to define('MODULE_PAYMENT_VERISIGN_URL','https://payflowlink.paypal.com/payflowlink.cfm'); ' 2) I have also added these lines to my_catalog_root/checkout_process.php : global $HTTP_POST_VARS,$HTTP_GET_VARS; if($HTTP_POST_VARS['RESPMSG'] == 'Approved') { $HTTP_POST_VARS[$HTTP_POST_VARS['USER1']] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['USER2']; $$HTTP_GET_VARS[$HTTP_POST_VARS['USER1']] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['USER2']; reset ($HTTP_POST_VARS); reset ($HTTP_GET_VARS); } before include('includes/application_top.php'); 3) then because I want to record the verisign reference number in my database I have added this line : $_SESSION['verisign_ref'] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['PNREF']; after include('includes/application_top.php'); 4) I have logged to my https://manager.paypal.com account and made this change: - selected 'Return URL Method' to 'POST' - checked 'Silent POST URL' and set the URL to 'my_catalog_root/checkout_process.php' - checked 'Force Silent Post Confirmation' and set 'Failed Silent Post Return URL' to 'my_catalog_root/checkout_process.php' now when I placed a new order I got this message: "Transaction declined! Your transaction was approved! However, a communication error with the merchant's site occured. The transaction has been voided, please contact the merchant." It seems like osCommerce wasn't able to handle the silent post from the new PAYFLOW LINK server. but of course step (3) which is another issue works fine. Please if anyone has already fixed this issue would send the fix here. Khaled Rachico