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  1. We started back in 2005 with OsCommerce. Presently we have successfully upgraded all of our dozen or so osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 sites to PHP 7.3.18. These are all domestic USA on-line stores which use PayPal as the payment gateway and FedEX, UPS and UPS as the shippers. The level of customization by broad metrics is that 900+ scripts match native v2.3.4.1 scripts, while 100+ scripts have been conservatively modified [up to ten lines of code each], 30+ have been extensively modified and about 300+ scripts have been added. The sites have been modified to full screen scalable format like Phoenix and appear well on mobile devices [iPhone customers included]. All additions and changes observe v2.3.4.1 standards of coding, naming, linking to MySQli, etc.. All of our customers are happy with their web sites. Without a Phoenix migration tool, there is little chance in our forward looking three year upgrade cycle that we would make the effort and investment to convert these sites to Phoenix. However, we are exploring putting new customers on the platform. In short, moving to new faster, easier to implement/maintain and useful new paradigms makes good business sense only when the cost to travel there can be justified.
  2. Using osCommerce v2.3.3

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      "Best Practice" osCommerce Copyright acknowledgement - this is our approach regarding osCommerce Copyright acknowledgement: (1) All osCommerce Admininistrative page footers have: "Copyright © 2010 osCommerce under GNU General Public License", and (2) All Catalog page footers have: "Copyright © 2013 - [client] - All Rights Reserved", which links to a page containing: "Copyright © 2010 osCommerce v2.3.3 - All rights reserved."