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  1. I'm not the greatest PHP programmer, but I will assume that if it doesn't work after commenting or changing that line above, it's because you have the "show products" option on, or have the category counts on. Regardless, for me (and most others I hope) the total items count in a category is useless because if it slows down a customer from shopping on the site, then he might just leave, and that's the point, making the customer happy. The only line that is really important to the menu that can't be changed is: $returnval .= PrintSubMenus( $categories['categories_id'], $languageID, $start_path ); and that's only if you use submenu's. My site is really big, so I have to show them all. If I could change that, I would lose about 200 db queries (!!) but I can't do it. anyway, here's hoping it works for a lot of you, it really is a big change. Hey Radders, nice going on the queries, if you need the tax queries lowered, there's this contribution here:,2417 It works great. Good luck people.
  2. Hi all, I really like this menu contribution; however, I noticed a problem with the database query counts that this menu causes, and I thought I would share it. I probably should have posted it here first, but I went ahead and posted it to the contribution page:,4589 If it doesn't affect you, then you don't have to worry, but if I had the problem, then I'm sure that a lot of you might also have it without realizing it. The category menu makes a certain amount of database queries to count products, get product titles, etc, but I found an unusual number of db queries being made (I had over 2500) on each and every page refresh! So, I commented out some lines on the menu, and got it down to about 250, which is still high but not nearly as high as before; page loads are also down by about 75%. (Just so you know, if you install the original oscommerce stock files, straight from the zip file, your pages will have about 100 queries or less. Certain mods will increase that). If you are on a shared server, you MUST take a look at this, because this can cause problems to your site, as well as others on the server(i.e. hosting companies like ipowerweb, who throttle the db queries, also called "max questions"). A company like that will actually suspend your account if you take too many resources away from others. So, after the commented code is uploaded, the menu functions perfectly normal on my site, nothing has been changed, no links broken, everything looks just like it did before. However, a few things to take note of: It's a big hit to your page loading time to have "category counts" turned on in your admin->configuration, so turn that off. Also, don't have the "show products" option in the menu turned on, because that slows everything down as well. (These are just my opinions, if you like it on, keep it on). So, everyone who has this mod installed, go to the contribution page and search for "queries debug" and install it. It will tell you how many db queries you are using on each page refresh, as well as help you optimizing your page. Then, install the fix that I uploaded, and see if it makes a big difference. Hopefully, you will all see a nice improvement like I did. All credit to the creators of this and Chemo for his queries debug mod.
  3. Hi, having a quick problem with this mod. Everything installed fine, with no problems. The poll booth also works fine, apparently, because I can see the numbers going up. The admin section works fine too, and there are NO ERRORS. BUT: When I vote on one of the options, it goes to a BLANK PAGE. Not to a "can't find" page, but just a white page, and in the address bar, it says: http://localhost/catalog/pollcollect.php?o...47d8276a0601d2f (localhost, because I'm testing it out first), and there's nothing on the page. I can't figure out what is wrong. I know that some other people before had this issue, but I went through every support page and tried all the fixes, and nothing worked. It's not my application_top.php either, since I even tried replacing it with the original from a clean install. I don't know what it could be. Any hints, or anyone who had this issue have any suggestions? Thanks!