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  1. i see the image is not visible on the preview it was. may be i can send it by mail Tim
  2. Hello, i installed it and i found if i klick on Mindparx admin i get the menue wrong like in the Picture what made i wrong best regards Tim
  3. Hello at all, i have installed at my PC the contrib for save images in subcategories(http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3873/category,all/search,image+sub) at my PC (localhost )it works fantastic but as i upload its mysterie if i do the same as offline try to create a subdirectory under images and upload the image it will be saved just under the folder images and not under the subcategory also it was no subcategory created. please help
  4. i have installed the globals patch again and the error was still on, i installed osc new and leave it now without STS because i'm tired of all the Problems and wasting time for such a solution i allway come to the resolution that the oscommerce system contibutions and all other things are only works correct if the user hase full access to the server settings like php.ini and so on. but thanks for trying to help
  5. Hello before i installed sts4.5.2 the os commerce was running with the update patch for Register Globals but after i installed sts 4.5.2 again but no change on the error message as notice : i can't write to php.ini because shared server
  6. in which Folder or where can i find this files
  7. Hi to all after i installed the STS Template file i get the error "register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration." what can i do because i have no access to the php.ini file on the server because it's ashared Server (Strato) help will be welcome very urgent