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  1. Hi again, Nevermind, I think I got that backwards. Sorry, I guess I need a little sleep. I still don't understand how that works after a SELECT statement though. Brandon
  2. Hi all, I was looking at the code for the ipn and ran across "mysql_num_rows". I didn't understand what it did exactly so I looked it up in the manual. It says to only use mysql_num_rows after an UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT. I noticed that it is used in the script after a SELECT statement. The manual says to use "mysql_affected_rows" after a SELECT. Is there a particular reason you have used _num_ instead? Am I misunderstanding something? Thanks, Brandon
  3. lazrk

    Downloads Contoller error!

    Rob, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you are spending to help me. I'm going to copy your posts to a file and go over in detail tomorrow night. I was just getting into the product attributes when I read your post. I hope to have that figured out soon. First impressions about the order status processing and paypal........ Does this script use the ipn from paypal? If the order is processing (value = 2) then they can instant download. Does it only switch to processing after it recieves the ipn from paypal saying the payment has been completed? Well, just a first impression. You are doing wonders for my learning curve Rob. Thanks once again! Brandon
  4. lazrk

    Downloads Contoller error!

    Hi Rob, Great Post! Thanks a million. I have just two little questions I hope you can help with. Or anyone else. In the documentation it says: Add a new Order Status, I call mine Updated and check its value in the orders_status table. Then set the value in the Admin for: Downloads Controller Update Status Value to this new value. Usually this is a 4, but could be different depending on how many orders_status settings you have. I have no clue how to add a new order status. Please advise. Also: The default setting for: Downloads Controller Orders Status Value is 2. This means that all payment methods that set the orders_status value to >=2 will allow immediate downloads. How do I control how payment methods set the orders_status value? Thank you for your time, Brandon