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  1. blissweb


    The fix for the STS template version 4+ finally. For those of you getting blank templates at google checkout process. The exclude page code is now in directory: includes/modules/sts in a file called: sts_default.php At line 42 or so find: if (strstr($scriptbasename, "popup") || strstr($scriptbasename, "info_shopping_cart")) change to: if (strstr($scriptbasename, "popup") || strstr($scriptbasename, "info_shopping_cart") || strstr($scriptbasename, "google_checkout_process")) and it works !!! :-) Yippee! Shaun Bliss
  2. blissweb


    This contrib has been working great for me. Much better than that obnoxious thing that google prefers. If they ever strictly enforce their TOS i just simply won't offer google checkout anymore. This ipn rocks ! Apart from... Discount Coupon Codes... which i just installed and is another beautiful contrib... but it doesn't work with this thing. Anyone got a fix ?? or do i have to *gulp* fix it myself :-( Thanks, Shaun http://www.artrealization.com/shop
  3. Any chance that this contrib works with Google Checkout IPN ?? i know im probably dreaming. Also the amount of posts where everyone is giving there own nasty bug just makes me wanna run far away from this contrib. Would love to hear more about people who have it working fine, and which version they installed. I particularly just wanna have a discount coupon that gives people 50% off shipping then actually passes this through to google checkout... am i expecting too much ?? :-(
  4. Has anyone got a work around for the google checkout ipn problem? i just spent a great deal of time installing the contrib and it looks great, but if it doesnt go through to google its useless to me and im gonna have to uninstall and install a different coupon system that does. :'( :'( btw which coupon system does support google checkout ipn ?
  5. blissweb

    Let me know if this is possible re: Google Checkout

    I guess just copy the check/money order files and then change the text of what its called. This is an interesting idea. I would also like to see the Google checkout appear as a Payment Option instead of TWO checkout buttons. The current contribution I'm using puts up two checkout buttons on the Shopping Cart and if you press the standard Oscommerce Checkout button, the Google checkout doesn't appear on the list of payment options. Is this the way everyone else has it working ?? Am I using the latest release ?? Ideally I want one checkout button and then payment options of Paypal, Google, etc on the normal payments option screen. This would be much smoother for the client. Thanks, Shaun