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  1. MountainMods

    USPS January FUN. Flat Rate Envelope Domestic broken.

    Timing seemed too coincidental. However some other minor changes were made to shipping modules around that time so will look into it here further. thanks for the feedback
  2. Using the following: $Id: usps.php 6.1 by Kevin L Shelton on September 7, 2011 +++++ Original contribution by Brad Waite and Fritz Clapp ++++ ++++ Revisions and Modifications made by Greg Deeth, 2008 ++++ Copyright 2008 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License Anyone have a fix for this yet? I'm accustomed to annual USPS tinkering and a bit surprised there is no thread about this yet. Everything seems to be working with the exception of Domestic Flat Rate Envelope as well as legal envelopes - International side the Flat Rate envelope is still functional. input appreciated, cheers.
  3. MountainMods

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    These changes make it work. to get Handling to work you need to do the $service routine above for the Switch:Case.. Look for this $service = ereg('<MailService>(.*)</MailService>', $response[$i], $regs); $service = $regs[1]; and add the same as above directly following: $service = str_replace('&lt;sup&gt;&amp;reg;&lt;/sup&gt;', '', $service); $service = str_replace('&lt;sup&gt;&amp;trade;&lt;/sup&gt;', '', $service);
  4. Ok Figured out resolution for my issue with handling fees. Sharing for others - Appears service name changed on a couple domestic rates as well. I made 2 changes to $service switch. Search for "switch ($service) {" Remove the hyphen from the following: case 'Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope': so it appears: case 'Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope': Change on box rate: case 'Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box': to case 'Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box': this fixed all my handling issues.
  5. Hi, I've installed update and international is working fine. One thing I've run across that is still not working however - Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope is no longer including the handling fee. Anyone got an idea why it suddenly stopped working? I get the base rate quote, but no longer the handling fee thats set in module. I was until this change by USPS. Ideas? thanks,
  6. MountainMods

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Hi ALL, I figured this out and thought I'd share in case anyone else needed the fix. It has to do with the // Round up function for non whole numbers by GREG DEETH Installation instructions tell you to install this in general.php on the catalog side, but not the admin side. For AJAX order editor to work you need to integrate this function into the general.php in admin/includes/functions Open the general.php find this: //// // Wrapper function for round() for php3 compatibility function tep_round($value, $precision) { if (PHP_VERSION < 4) { $exp = pow(10, $precision); return round($value * $exp) / $exp; } else { return round($value, $precision); } } and copy the roundup function directly below and save it. AJAX Order editor will then work properly. //// // Round up function for non whole numbers by GREG DEETH // The value for the precision variable determines how many digits after the decimal and rounds the last digit up to the next value // Precision = 0 -> xx.xxxx = x+ // Precision = 1 -> xx.xxxx = xx.+ // Precision = 2 -> xx.xxxx = xx.x+ function tep_round_up($number, $precision) { $number_whole = ''; $num_left_dec = 0; $num_right_dec = 0; $num_digits = strlen($number); $number_out = ''; $i = 0; while ($i + 1 <= strlen($number)) { $current_digit = substr($number, $i, ($i + 1) - $num_digits); if ($current_digit == '.') { $i = $num_digits + 1; $num_left_dec = strlen($number_whole); $num_right_dec = ($num_left_dec + 1) - $num_digits; } else { $number_whole = $number_whole . $current_digit; $i = $i + 1; } } if ($num_digits > 3 && $precision < ($num_digits - $num_left_dec - 1) && $precision >= 0) { $i = $precision; $addable = 1; while ($i > 0) { $addable = $addable * .1; $i = $i - 1; } $number_out = substr($number, 0, $num_right_dec + $precision) + $addable; } else { $number_out = $number; } return $number_out; } Cheers. WWW.MOUNTAINMODS.COM
  7. MountainMods

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I installed 4.30 alpha today. Works fine, but I'm now not able to use AJAX order editor. I click on EDIT goes to edit_orders.php and gives a blank screen. I imagine something needs to be changed int he AJAX order editor contrib to work with the changes made to the USPS entries in configuration table in the database. I'm running 5.05 on ajax. Anyone else get these 2 to comingle? thanks,
  8. I just updated from 3.0 USPS shipping module to the latest 4.30 Alpha. The module works fine, now can do flat rate envelope. Unfortunate side effect is that Ajax order editor now results in a blank page - so I can't edit orders. I would imagine this has to do with the AJAX editor attempting to receive shipping quotes, but not certain. Anyone else experience this and have a work around? Thanks,
  9. MountainMods


    OK I found the solution myself - in a list of newer contribs - " when using Ultimate SEO URLs contribution , account creation page gives error, this small code change FIXes this big poblem in includes/functions/database.php find tep_db_insert_id function near 110 and replace function to: function tep_db_insert_id( $link = 'db_link') { global $$link; return mysql_insert_id($$link); } thats all.. you can create account if you live this problem wth seo url " Easy enough everything is hunky dory again!
  10. Hello - please help. I installed Ultimate_SEO_URLsv21da_1_2 yesterday via instructions. Everything seemed to be working like a charm URL wise. Then I Installed META Tag as well. Now today I am noticing that any new account created is failing to create properly. Has anyone else experience this? The accounts create, but the customers_default_address_id is always set to zero. So it will not pull the persons address at checkout and that of course is problem with shipping. Next thing is in the Address Book table the customers ID is set to 0 as well. This is a working online store - any help would be great! http://www.mountainmods.com
  11. MountainMods

    USPS Action Required for Web Tools APIs

    OK, After some research, trial and error, I've got USPS back up and running. Things that may help others - "Find this section around line 260: switch (MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_SERVER) { case 'production': $usps_server = 'production.shippingapis.com'; $api_dll = 'shippingapi.dll'; break; case 'test': default: $usps_server = 'testing.shippingapis.com'; $api_dll = 'ShippingAPITest.dll'; break; } " That's totally not needed. "ALTER TABLE `configuration` CHANGE `set_function` `set_function` VARCHAR( 555 ) CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL; Execute this SQL update if you already have the module installed and are updating: UPDATE `configuration` SET `set_function` = 'tep_cfg_select_multioption(array(''Global Express'', ''Global Express Non-Doc Rect'', ''Global Express Non-Doc Non-Rect'', ''Express Mail Int'', ''Express Mail Int Flat Rate Env'', ''Priority Mail Int'', ''Priority Mail Int Flat Rate Env'', ''Priority Mail Int Flat Rate Box'', ''First-Class Mail Int''),' WHERE `configuration_id` =196 LIMIT 1 ; " First SQL set to text not VARCHAR(555) Second SQL "where 'configuration_id' = 196" May be something totally different depending on your setup and how many times you have installed or uninstalled - make certain it corresponds to the correct id. Lastly I found that you have to install 2.8 modules.php and general.php in appropriate folders. Then on top of that it requried removal and reinstall of the USPS shipping module. good luck
  12. MountainMods

    USPS Action Required for Web Tools APIs

    Yes, Having the same issue now. First problem I had was a hanging occuring on checkout_shipping. I remembered the email and decided to uninstall USPS from the system. That allowed fedex and UPS to work again. Then I found the contribution, edited out lines inserted SQL statements and now I have the same msg. I never updated the stock Oscommerce 2.2 files with USPS 2.8 files. Is this needed? I can't edit the USPS shipping module in the admin section either. Any help would be appreciated.