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  1. Searched the forum for this but have not found any info. The contribution works great...Thanks!! But a couple of problems we are having is. 1) FedEx is sending us a XML error every time someone gets a quote even though it's giving the quote just fine? FedEx Freight returned an error or invalid response.http://www.fedexfreight.fedex.com/XMLRating.jsp?as_shipterms=prepaid&as_shzip=44301&as_shcntry=US&as_cnzip=&as_cncntry=US&as_iamthe=shipper&as_acctnbr=(account number removed)&as_class1=150&as_weight1=6&as_pcs1=1&as_haz1=0&as_freezable1=0 2) I've seen this problem mentioned, but never answered. When we add the contribution to the products_info.php page it shows up fine, but when you input your information and hit "update" it returns a 404 error with w url like this: http://mystore.com/_ I did check and the same url is being queried from the shopping cart, except is actually reloads the page with the updated info when the "update" button. Thanks for any help you may have. Ron
  2. rdracing

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Jan Zonjee, you are correct. Thank you, the edited file ended up in the wrong place on the server. Thanks again. Ron
  3. rdracing

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I have installed the UPSXML module along with the dimensions modifications. Going through the setup in the admin panel everything seems fine until I get to TOOLS -> PACKAGING where I get the following error message: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Packaging 1146 - Table 'ssbstore.table_packaging' doesn't exist select * from TABLE_PACKAGING order by package_cost; [TEP STOP] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The SQL queries were executed properly and I can see the table in the database when viewing VIA through phpMyAdmin? Any ideas? Thanks, Ron
  4. rdracing

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    I seen this question asked before, but not answered. How do you shut off the "Random" feature and choose the order in which to display your featured products? Thanks, RonD.