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  1. chess99

    Basic Blue Template

    Oh i corrected mysite after reading the post of toyicebear All I had to do was turn off the Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development) in Admin Panel. Regards
  2. chess99

    Basic Blue Template

    Dear Sir, I have just uploaded the Basic Pink / Purple Template from http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4771 in my website www.royalage.com I have uploaded the Template on Virgin Script. However I have faced a few problems 1. I am not able link the "upload" products into the Category that I have made "Chess Set" I have made 2 products website. 2. I am able to upload 2 chess sets, but they dont attach themselves to the Category Chess Set. :huh: The product url is http://royalage.com/shopping//catalog/prod...e92cba39fd86110 3. The default categories that come with the script like Hardware, Software etc are not showing the products when I click on the Categories Menu, (Upper Left Side Menu ) Please can you look at my my site www.royalage.com and tell me is this a fault in the template, or I have done something wrong, how to do the above? This is the first time I am using the os commerce, please help me. Regards Nitin