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  1. The thing that templatemonster doesnt really clarify on their website is that it isn't actually pure TEMPLATES they sell, but oscommerce shops that are heavily modified to work with the designs. With a template like this, there is no flexibility regarding ANY functions of any kind that you cannot see in the live-demo, as this kind of flexibility would "break up" the hard coded layout of the design. If this would be stated in a more noticeable way on TM's website, one can really check out the demo for a template before making the desicion to make a purchase or not, but the trouble you guys has gone through is really bad. Shame on TM. I believe that if you want greater flexibility, it is always better to hire someone to make a template for you that works the way you want it. It would cost a lot more than a TM template, but considering all the trouble, and all endless hours you've spent on getting your designs to work you'd probably have been happier with paying more to get what you need right away. I do custom templating for oscommerce sites from time to time, and to get a great looking shop that has all the oscommerce features working, and a basic kit of contributions installed often requires 100+ hours of work, and this kind of workload just isn't worth to put in for a TM template that sells in a few number of copies for some $170, of which TM takes most. The TM designers hacks the shops to only work EXACTLY as in the demos, no more. Just my 2 cents
  2. torgil

    Help With Catagories In Template

    I assume you are talking about the text-color of the subcategory text links? The color of those links are defined asclasses in the file stylesheet.css The class you should be looking for is called: .smallText It is probably set to the color code: #ffffff - which is white. But you need to define 2 more classes for this text, that makes the color white not only for plain text but also for link text: Add this to your stylesheet and see if it helps: ----------------------------------------------------- .smallText A { color: #ffffff; text-decoration: underline; } .smallText A:hover { color: #ffffff; text-decoration: none; } ----------------------------------------------------- This should turn the link text for your subcategories white and keep all other formatting as it is right now.