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  1. alicia

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hi guys, i have installed this but now sure how to update the settings in admin panel and hope you guys can advise. 1 - where can i set the percentange for each level ? currently it shows 0% - 75% - 50%.... etc.. which was done defined by me.. where can i change this ? 2 - what is the categories name for ? i dun see anywhere to change the setting for each categories.. when i click on it, it just allow me to update the name of the category 3 - what is the first textfield for in the product management page ?? i know the second textfield is for number of items right ? please advise how i can update this accordingly.. thank you very much..
  2. alicia

    Discount based on total amount

    No.. it is not working as what i want... anywhere I can get what i need? Please advise. I think cubecart has this mod but not oscommerce..hmmm
  3. Hi, I am trying to find an addon that can give discount to our customers based on the total amount of purchases.. i found some are based on number of quantity but not total amount... can somebody let me know which addon i should use or anyway i can accomplish what i need ? i want something like maybe order more than $100 we give 2% discount, from $500 above - 5% and etc.. please advise.