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  1. ohioman

    Database check tool support

    Version number 3.23.58 of what please (Mysql)? Also, please tell me what you are checking for specifically. Perhaps you are looking for products with no category?.. category with no products? One of those two are likely to be what you are trying to do. I might have to re-write something for you to be compatible with the version you are using... if in deed that is the situation. Thanks, Ohioman :thumbsup:
  2. ohioman

    Database check tool support

    I began working on the problem you've brought up ... after seeing your post.. however... I also see that you have already posted 2 other versions of this contribution which cover this problem and have included the model of the product and placed an additional section in the includes/languages/english/database_check.php file for header actions to generate the column headings in each step. (I think it's at v1.2 already) Also.... some results show the Parent Category ID? After reading in the contributions area.. and.. your additions to the readme file.. could you show me an example of what you meant by "corrected speelink mistoikes" so I can follow along as well? Is that where you took /admin/ out of links or img src calls (for example)? I looked over the latest version post of this contribution already... but would like to know these things for sure so that I can continue to provide optimal support to this tool over time as I can...as I promised to in the readme file. Thank you, Ohioman B)
  3. This thread has been set up to deal with issues regarding installation or use of the Database Check Tool contribution. I will help any and all as I have time to. Also, any suggestions you might have would be welcome to improve it for the future. You can read about and download this at: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5962 Please: If you are posting here because you are getting an error of some type, it would be very helpful for you to copy and paste the error into your post for me to know what you are facing. Most anything else would be merely guess work! Your feedback would also be appreciated. Thank you, Ohioman B)
  4. ohioman

    Music samples

    Hi! I just typed in music in the contributions area, and wouldn't you know.. something popped up. You'll have to look into it further to see that it's all you want.. but here it is: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2380 Iceman :thumbsup:
  5. ohioman

    [Search] Looking for mod?

    Hi, I have not seen such a contribution such as this yet available. This is just a guess.. but I'm thinking that there won't be one to do things this way. Knowing what you're looking to accomplish, there are only a few ways that will ultimately get you what you are looking for within the scope of how oscommerce works at this time. Let's use your PC example: 1) You can have them choose a PC package which has it's own product ID number of course. Swap out different variations of systems for your customers to choose from and they can buy exacty the combination they want. Example: XYZ Tower Product ID 0001 XYZ Tower (with sound card) Product ID 0002 XYZ Tower (with different sound card) Product ID 0003 2) Create system products with ids. Have the parts add up individually. XYZ Tower Product ID 0001 Sound Card Product ID 0002 Different Sound card Product ID 0003 See.. creating separate "sub productID numbers" for individual pieces of a product is something that I have not seen anything at all about anywhere with oscommerce. Unless someone else comes along with something rather clever... i'm afraid you have but the few choices to solve this. If someone has an idea for a work around for something like this.. I believe that I would like to see how that would be done myself. I just don't think it's possible at the moment. Iceman :thumbsup:
  6. ohioman

    Image sizes are wrong

    Hi stephanie. I hope I have understood your post and what it is that you are looking for. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I do not have this more pics mod installed myself, but it occurs to me that you will want to keep the following in mind with pics: You will always want the ratio between height and width to be commensurate to each other between the original picture you uploaded and the dimensions you are asking the web to produce. For example: If you have a picture that you uploaded and it's dimensions are 100x100 , and you ask the web to produce that same image at: 175x135 , your picture will definately be distorted or blurry. In the case of the above example, the height -vs- width ratio is 1 to 1. You could make it 200x200.. or 300x300 ... etc. Once you get the original dimensions, you can use your favorite image editing program to get the exact numbers you will need to plug into your programming to make them show up correctly. Most of these programs have an option to resize photos (just as a test) ... increase the size of perhaps the height, make sure that you have checked to keep the width in proportion. Use the numbers it gives you. In your particular case.. if I understand you.. with a small image at 130x160... if the height is 450... the width should be around 554 off the top of my head. (You will want the exact number from your image editor). By the way.. you mention that you are using 130x160 for the smaller image... and the pop up image is 450. I would imagine that 450 is the height.. what is the width? Also... what is the size of the original image you uploaded. Knowing these things can help us help you. Iceman
  7. ohioman

    Links Manager II

    Great!.. ok.. sounds good to me. Means to an end!!! Iceman
  8. ohioman

    Links Manager II

    I have just installed Links Manager v1.18 and it appears to be an extremely wonderful thing! I have an idea about a modification to this program and wanted to throw it out there for future consideration. ....... please consider the following scenario: Let's say I go to someone elses website and wish to submit my URL to them. Their page tells me to have their link already in place before submitting mine for verification (just as the default text states in the Links Manager program). How do I do that? I have not seen an option for "Add Url" or anything in the admin for that. In that case also, how do I then take care of the problem that many times... I will not know the recip link of theirs to enter right away. (Atleast not until they approve me and get their email with the additional info). Plus, many sites are not always good about making sure that any other information that people need to enter into programs such as Link Manager is available. Therefore, the entry from admin should not go through a check for required fields and simply be as entered. If there is an option for something like this already, I've completely missed it but I don't think I did. With something added like I've mentioned... I believe that Link Manager would really be any and everything that anyone out there could ever want or reasonably need. Very cool program... well done!!! Iceman
  9. ohioman

    New Google Sitemap Generator

    I started using this contribution about a week ago. It was easy, fast and has worked with zero errors to date. Google found it within seconds after I notified them in the add sitemap section of my account there. They have been hitting it plenty ever since. My vote is 3 cheers for this contribution!!!!! I have a question however... what can I do about adding a sitemap for everyone else? For instance, I have noticed ShopWiki pounding my site to death and seems completely blind. I would like something to help them find their way and for all other search engines that would benefit from a sitemap. It appears that other engines/bots do not or will not read this type? I would appreciate any advice you can give. Iceman B)