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  1. tivolimac

    Orderlist for 2.3.1

    Hallo Mort-lemur, I shall send you the file through osc PM messenger. Thanks for the effort. Tivolimac (still)
  2. tivolimac

    Orderlist for 2.3.1

    Hallo Mort-Lemur, While reading your Mod list, from => to version, I saw this contribution and decided to give it a try. Spot on! It does make life so nice. But there are some buts, hopefully you can help to sort them out. 1) As mentioned before there is a date problem. We are in 2014 and the search works up to 2013. It seems that the arrays in the admin => orderlist needs updating. I tried to add 2014 and it seems to be working, but.... I am not a programmer so it is a bit of a guess. 2) when setting up a search, -- example: choose: Past days: 30 Status: pending--, a list is generated. Nice up to the last column: Order Details. Here the name of the manufacturer is not displayed and the generic text block:'TEXT_MANUFACTURER_UNAVAILABLE' is shown. Just the part that is of utter importance for me because in my set up clients are going to buy from different manufacturers and it is very handy to see that at a glance. I would like to see the manufacturer name. In admin=> orderlist.php there is the manufacturer_id used in the block starting with' // BEGIN associate Manufacturer To Product' but....? Can you help with solving these two?. I am stuck here, this is above my knowledge level of osc at the moment. Hopefully you or someone else can elevate me further from the 'sheep' or other low level. Further, thanks for your tremendous effort of documenting your steps during the steps to version It helped a lot to give a newbie like me the feeling that one was/is participating at a higher level than only pasting the info. Especially when it came to the parts that where redeemed obsolete in PHP. Now I can recognize them faster. Thank you! Hope to hear from you or anyone with a solution or pointer how these challenges can be solved! Tivolimac (still)
  3. tivolimac

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hallo users of this osc addon, I'm new to osc so be mild. I am not a programmer so be double mild! The version of osc I am using is, php 5.3 and linux hosting. I have SPPC + Hide products and categories working succesfully, thanks to joli1811. Now I would like to find out if this is a addon I want to use. I have been reading like crazy, possibly too much and only have a fuzzy feeling what it is or does. Can one of you give me some/a link(s) where I can see how this addon is being used/works? I would like to visualize it (better). Can it be used with an addon called QTpro for SPPC also installed, working together or independent? (Some links showing any of this would make me very happy!) I hope that my questions are not sounding stupid. I don't understand the 'inner workings' of osc 2.3.x.y. fully yet. Hopefully with some help from you guys and girls pointing me in the right direction I can create my site (as much as personally possible). The questions may have been covered already, I appreciate it if you can point me towards them Thanks Community!, Tivolimac
  4. tivolimac

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    @@joli1811 Thanks and shall do Ron
  5. tivolimac

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    @joli1811 : Thanks for your quick response! The above mentioned package only contains SPPC revised for and SpecialsByCat2_3_3_4 with installation instruction. This package is my starting point and it is working perfect. Thank you (and many others) for this effort! http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3059,with the part for osC version 2.3.1 (and up I hope), is the addon I am looking at. Administrator can hide at product level/product (page) from categories so groups can not see product. Or hide complete categories (assumption). Sadly not in package addons.oscommerce.com/info/716. And not fully compatible with osC 2.3.(3.4) in my experience. Hence my digital cry for help/guidance/pointers for a working version or instructions to get it working. So, help anyone (more than ...)? Thanks in advance!
  6. tivolimac

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Excuse me, wrong info: oscommerce version not Fatigue?
  7. tivolimac

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hallo to all osc users and the readers of this topic. I'm new to osc so be gentle with me. I am using version, php version 5.3.27, provider uses linux. I would like to use this addon (Hide products from customer groups for SPPC, modded version for osc 2.3.1) but after installing I am getting errors concerning deprecated code and others, like the search function not working because a certain function is missing, categories box failed to load etc, etc... I believe it has to do with the fact that the published addon is not fully corrected for osc 2.3.x.x I tried with the little knowledge I have to get it working, reading the suggestions here but in the end I had more errors, so I decided to ask you guys: Is there, some where out there, a really compatible version with 2.3.x.? I'm not a coder just a beginning store owner. I would like to use this addon because it gives SPPC more power and gives me a way to get really started. My setup at the moment: version (was) clean + SPPC Revised + Specials by category And... if I have tredded any rules/guidelines I apologize. Thanks in advance!