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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    good call, check the .htaccess every time I have ever received a black page its been an issue the that file. These programmers here are so smart at this stuff, I am not being sarcastic thats the truth...
  2. showery

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I loaded v2.8.2 up this morning and it works a little better at least it functions. I still cant update "color", so I added one call "option" and am using that for colors. Weird it wont let me use one but I can use the other two without problems. I have option and size working so its working well enough to function now. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work
  3. showery

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    firefox osCommerce 2.2-MS2 AJAX-AttributeManager-V2.8.3 no errors at all it just does nothing, I can add sizes now but not colors??? I have actually tried all my browsers Netscape, IE v7 and firefox the all respond the same.
  4. showery

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I really need some help here maybe some one has had the same issue as I and resolved it. I have the contrib installed and seems to work but don't. When I try to edit a product to add like a size it will not add the option. When I click to add it does nothing.
  5. Thanks anyway, at least I know this now and can stop trying to fix it cause it is not broke
  6. showery

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I have a fresh install of the manager and OSC. I have a download site all my products are digital downloads. I am adding products one at a time with the download attribute. I installed the manager in hopes it would speed things up. I have to say this is one sweet contrib. My issue is it will not allow me to add the download file name until the product has been saved. So I am having to save the product listing then edit it again to add the download file name. I get no errors, it just don't save the file name when the ajax window closes. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I have a small problem I am trying to figure out. I have a site I am trying to get updated with products. Its an ebook site using download products only. I have it all setup and working. The problem is having to put EVERY ebook on line one at a time. I use Easy Populate 2.76e-MS2 installed and ready to use. When I download a full products file it sends everything except my zip file names for the downloads. Here is an example below. In the example you see the v_attribute_options_id_1 and v_attribute_options_name_1_1. No place in the file does it have my option for price 0 or the file name to download. I had another script store that when it sets up it installs all the books and files and ready to use, however it sucks so I chose to use OSC as the ecommerce solution for this store also. This is my only download site so I have not had to deal with this problem. My other 6 stores work fine with EP to update products. Not sure what other info I can provide to one of you php / osc / ep gooroo's. If you have any ideas please let me know. I am putting this site on hold until I can work this out as it will take WAY too long to imput all my books one at a time. Thank you in advance for any help
  8. showery

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Just wondering, is there a way to bring the paypal page to open in a window on our store for this payment mod. At that point the customer has not really left the store just opened a paypal window in the store checkout some how? I have not seen anything like this but think it would be really nice. I seem to loose people on the transfer from my site to paypal, just thinking this would help resolve that.
  9. showery

    Easy Populate 2.76e-MS2

    Ok I have looked lots of questions no answers. Its like 300 pages of questions and no one is answering. I cant search my error out of that mess. I do a specific search for Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() and come up with 22 pages of forms. Geez
  10. Please help this is on a live store and I am down until I figure this error out. This is a new install with no other contribs on yet but EP. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/sites/site3/web/admin/easypopulate.php on line 2308 | 73132r | dscf0193.j | 1/6 SCALE | Rubber whe | | 168.99 | 37 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | REMOTE CON | 1:6 Large | | | | | Taxable Go | Active Updated
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    I have authorize.net and I need to know whats the BEST WORKING connection we can get with OSC 2 mc2 the newest version prior to last weeks release and ver 2 waiting on 3. I have been through the authorize.net contribs and there are so many its hard to know what is good, bad, working or not. Does any one use this and have a good working copy of a contrib for authorize.net. I did use CC before I found OSC and at that point I had a addon for CC that never left my site, it worked like our paypal_wwp and worked very well. If there is one like that for OSC I would like that. Any help appreciated Thanks Steve My Email: showery@dfwproducts.com or post it here
  12. I am using EP 3 w/attributes. I have a problem. I upload my file and it makes an attribute called Size, but it does not add this to the product in question. It also will not make the attribute options like small med large etc. I will include my header info. I don't really understand the attributes part of the program, but the program does work GREAT for importing products without attributes. This is my first attempt at using the attributes end of it. v_products_model v_products_image v_products_name_1 v_products_description_1 v_products_url_1 v_products_price v_products_weight v_date_avail v_date_added v_products_quantity v_attribute_options_id_1 v_attribute_options_name_1_1 v_attribute_options_name_1_2 v_attribute_options_name_1_3 v_manufacturers_name v_categories_name_1 v_categories_name_2 v_categories_name_3 v_categories_name_4 v_categories_name_5 v_tax_class_title v_status EOREOR I think what I need is some one well versed in this process who is willing to help. I feel I need some to spell this out for me like v_products_options_1> = what v_attribute_options_name_1_1> = what and so on All I need to do is have Colors and sizes like S, M, L, XL, ONE SIZE etc Thanks in advance..
  13. I have easy populate installed and it works great. I installed the MSRP contib and now am having problems getting easy populate to update the database with the msrp info. I upload my file with EP and then go look and nothing. Can some one tell me the changes I need to make in the EP file to make it work with the MSRP. Thanks
  14. showery


    Thank Jack, I have added the information to my eaypopulate.php like v_products_msrp under the additional values around line 209, BUT when I import it still leaves the values at 0. My easypopulate says it worked and I can see the value in the line with everything else but its not their. When I go to my admin and check the product it still says 0.00 in the msrp box. Any ideas? I have been messing with it a couple hours just changing things to see if it works and I cant seem to work through this. I read all the contrib's you said should help me. Thanks // these are the fields that will be defaulted to the current values in the database if they are not found in the incoming file global $default_these; $default_these = array( 'v_products_image', #'v_products_mimage', #'v_products_bimage', 'v_products_subimage1', #'v_products_bsubimage1', 'v_products_subimage2', #'v_products_bsubimage2', #'v_products_subimage3', 'v_products_bsubimage3', 'v_categories_id', 'v_products_price', 'v_products_msrp', 'v_products_quantity', 'v_products_weight', 'v_date_avail', 'v_instock', 'v_tax_class_title', 'v_manufacturers_name', 'v_manufacturers_id', 'v_products_dim_type', 'v_products_length', 'v_products_width', 'v_products_height', ); My upload results File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpe7MLZT User filename: exportmsrp.txt Size: 466 | test | dfw.jpg | test produ | test produ | | 55 | 10 | 8 | | 7/12/2007 | 1 | | top | | | | | Taxable Go | Active !New Product! | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | No products_model field in record. This line was not imported My Header v_products_model v_products_image v_products_name_1 v_products_description_1 v_products_url_1 v_products_msrp v_products_price v_products_weight v_date_avail v_date_added v_products_quantity v_manufacturers_name v_categories_name_1 v_categories_name_2 v_categories_name_3 v_categories_name_4 v_categories_name_5 v_tax_class_title v_status EOREOR
  15. Surfalot!! YOUR GREAT! Thanks, my import went without error that was such an easy fix too lol. Thank You again :)
  16. I keep changing things as I read and read and read but I cant seem to beat this error. I am in trouble here ready to launch my new site but cant get the products to upload. I continue to get this error below. Can any one help?? PLEASE :( Please find my server info below the error. This is a fresh install with no other CONTRIBs installed yet 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 't believe your car's new agressive sound fueled by the greater density of the ai' at line 11 INSERT INTO products_description (products_id, language_id, products_name, products_description, products_url) VALUES ( '124', 1, 'Chevrolet Cavalier | 2.2L | Chrome Cold Air Intake 98-00', 'Specific: General: Arctic Wind Cold Air Intake System - Colder Air Means Better Performance Easy Populate 3.00-MS2 - Default Language : English(1) Thank you in advance, any ideas welcomed. I really need to get this going ASAP.
  17. showery

    Paypal Wpp Not Completing

    I have a site hosted on linux shared hosting at GoDaddy. Everything is installed and the store works fine. I added the paypal wpp contrib, tested it with the included .php test file, got all green yes's. Now here's the problem. When I test the gateway it gets to the submit page to contact paypal and stops, i wait then get a page can not be displayed error. I don't get any info on the error from the store or my php, just an error like the internet is not working, but it is. any help ?
  18. showery

    Paypal Wpp Not Completing

    Your great thank you for your help it works great! I found the proxy so if any one else hosts at GODADDY and is using the direct payment here is the proxy its asking for. http://proxy.shr.secureserver.net:3128 Hope this helps someone else who needs this.
  19. I am using the Percent Rate x total sale price contrib and have found a problem with mine. When in the admin area I try to edit the percentage to charge and the minimal amount and it will not save when I hit update. It comes back to the preset amounts. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. showery

    Ups Shipping

    Thank Brian I will give that a look and see what I can figure out on it.
  21. showery

    Ups Shipping

    Is there a contrib yet that uses UPS or FEDEX that don't have to connect to there server to get quotes. I use to use a cart called CubeCart and the UPS mod used updated fee's written in the code that gave approx shipping cost it may differ within a dollar one way or the other, based on weight of product. I used that one and found it pretty accurate and easy to use. I did not need to have an account with UPS for it to work. Is there a contrib like this for OSC yet?? Thanks Steve
  22. Seems no matter how much I read, what I change or what I do it errors when I try to import my file??
  23. showery

    Easy Populate 3.00-ms2

    Thats what I need is a plain jane ver of the contrib, I believe in keep it simple. Thanks for the info I will make some thing work. I simply want to import my some 1400 products. Thank you
  24. showery

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    The contrib is working perfectly for me at this point, third upload to froogle with no errors...I am now looking to cron this so I dont have do do it with each date.
  25. showery

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    Thank you both very much and for the speedy responce. I will change the froogle_us.php and see if that helps. I hope it does as this mod xeems the be the best I have tried so far as for ease to install and use. I did not see the info in the readme but I could have missed it. I have sent to new upload to froogle now waiting to see if they accept or reject. Thanks agian and be safe! Steve