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  1. I'm not sure why it works, but the fix I did (by just playing around with different things I found: in seo.class.php after: function strip($string){ if ( is_array($this->attributes['SEO_CHAR_CONVERT_SET']) ) $string = strtr($string, $this->attributes['SEO_CHAR_CONVERT_SET']); $pattern = $this->attributes['SEO_REMOVE_ALL_SPEC_CHARS'] == 'true' ? "([^[:alnum:]])+" : "([[:punct:]])+"; insert: $string = preg_replace('(( )|(, )|( & )|(:)|(\')|(')|(__)|(--))', '-', strtolower($string)); And now it strips out the apostrophes from the product names instead of having them converted to 39
  2. Yes - you need to have a .htaccess file. The lines needed are in the instructions with the install.
  3. Okay - I've made some progress. I found some threads from 2005-2006 that clarified the problems I had with the categories showing funky characters - that was the result of wordpad convering the striaght apostrophe to a "curly" apostrophe. I still can't figure out why in the product url's, though, it's not stripping the apostrophe and instead is converting it to an ' - which gets stripped down to just a 39. Also - in the order emails, the items are showing up with the apostrophe replaced with ' which of course looks bad. I'm sure it's something simple I've missed. I tried entering the names with a \' instead of just ' - but that makes no difference. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Okay - looking for some help here. I've got essentially a creloaded store with some other modifications, and I went through to set-up Ultimate SEO URL's and I'm having a specific problem with special characters - the apostrophe. I had to turn of the W3C validation of strings to get the subcategories to not use a funky character, but now it is using an apostrophe in the string (which I'd prefer if it just got stripped out). Also, in the product URL's, instead of stripping out the apostrophe, it is showing the number 39. I'm guessing I messed up somewhere in trying to make all of the changes to the categories.php file. Any suggestions where to look? Interestingly, the main category pages seem to have the apostrophe properly stripped. You can see what I mean at: Socks for Sale
  5. Rick_M

    CCGV Errors

    I have a slightly modded oscommerce I'm trying to get set-up. Header tags + templates, utlimate SEO urls, and now I've added the CCGV mod. It works almost exactly right (after a lot of futzing around - it seems there are a lot of different mods / edits in different threads and places. The problem is that after a coupon is redeemed (or rejected), I don't have anything showing in the colored box informing the person of how much was applied. The information does show up in the URL, but it doesn't get translated on the webpage itself. Any ideas? Feel free to register an account and try it out: Socks 4 Sale Also, while I'm posting a thread, 2 more questions (a bit off topic, sorry): 1. Can I also install the easy checkout without registering mod along with the CCGV mod? If so, is there a suggested way of proceeding? 2. Is there a way to test whether paypal works without doing an actual transaction? I'm using paypal as my only payment gateway, but I'm not sure if it's working, especially with the coupon mod. I do get sent to paypal with the correct balance showing, but the items are not removed from my cart. I'm assuming that they don't get removed until the paypal transaction is completed, but I'm not sure if the integration with paypal is that good. Thanks for any help you can offer.