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  1. MLu

    Updated RBS Worldpay Form Module

    Pete, could my problems have something to do with using a "callback password" and "MD5 Password"? Those were not being used in the old - and well working - Worldpay add-on I used previously. In my OSC Payment Modules settings I have updated the same password for these two parameters, and of course entered the same values in the Worldpay configuration panel. Some people have also reported some cookie issues which didn't seem to be a problem previously. Actually it is very few of my Worldpay orders that works as expected, so basically I suspect something is wrong somewhere.
  2. MLu

    Updated RBS Worldpay Form Module

    I must agree with Peter Buzzin. This is one of the easiest contributions to install at all, so you are in severe difficulties if you cannot do this. Read the text thoroughly and then hopefully it will work for you.
  3. MLu

    Updated RBS Worldpay Form Module

    This contribution simply doesn't work. Today I discovered that I have a lot of wholes in the order sequence, which is a phenomenon that started when I installed the contribution. Missing order numbers is very bad from an accounting point of view, but more worrying is the possibility that some people believe they have placed an order but haven't. This evening I have the last two orders recorded in Oscommerce as 22444 and 22447. But looking through my Worldpay confirmations I then noticed a payment from a customer with order id 22445 that was missing in the Oscommerce order module. I then had to enter this order manually and gave it order number 22448. But as 22446 seemingly has been taken, possibly some customer thinks he/she has placed an order - but who, what???? I have plenty of missing numbers I just observed. Around 15 missing numbers per 100! And further to this many of the orders are left in the order system with status "Preparing [Worldpay]". And for these orders the customers don't get the Oscommerce order confirmation. This contribution is basically very simple to install, so I cannot see how I could have missed something. Assume these erros applies to everyone using it. This error is critical to me, so what can I do? Are there any working alternatives for processing Worldpay card payments? Thanks.
  4. MLu

    Updated RBS Worldpay Form Module

    I have installed this add-on, and it doesn't seem to work as anticipated, but I don't know why. I do no longer get a confirmation email when customers place an order, and suspect that this is also the case for the customer. The extra email works perfect for all other types of orders (ie except Worldpay orders). Also I find it annoying that seemingly an order is created despite that the customer abandons the payment process. So have to delete these orders manually. Can it have anything to do with the callback and md5 passwords? I have just invented a password and typed the same pw in on the contributions parameters and on Worldpays website. Btw, the word "callback" is not used in my Worldpay configuration panel - it is called "Payment Response enabled" not "Callback enabled"
  5. Last night I installed Ultimate SEO 2-2.2e and the fix for two of my sites. One of the sites work fine, but for the other "Add to cart" has stopped working. I can see that this is something Chemo pointed out to test for, but what to do if it doesn't work? Have searched all day without being able to find a fix. The two sites have identical settings for sessions, cache and SEO URL, but they differed in their url's even before I installed Ultimate SEO 2-2.2e in that the now non-working site had - random? - suffixes in the urls' like : Csid=c7bee22d016df0196efc9247b022eed3 where the other has more "understandable" urls. Any ideas where to look? Mogens
  6. MLu

    Cache HTML

    What about caching of images? In the readme file you refer to "Admin->Configuration->Images". This configuration line does not exist. Please elaborate on this - thanks :rolleyes:
  7. MLu

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    The below shows the code to make an older version of IPN work with ccgv(trad). Anyone who knows how to integrate IPN version 2.2 with ccgv(trad)? The code in /includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php has changed quite a lot and some of the code referred to below do no longer exist. Mogens
  8. Becki, I have exact the same problem as you, and I have struggled for the past 6 months to find a solution. No luck so far! Oscommerce seems to work if you under Configuration chooses "false" to display prices incl. tax. Then I can get a logical build-up / specification of the invoice. But otherwise no. So to get a decent invoice you have to select "false" to show prices incl. prices, which basically leads to a lot of customer dissatisfaction when people find out the tax is being added at checkout. If just it was possible to let the invoice start with the price excl. tax, and show prices incl. tax, then all problems would be solved. Please let me know if you find a solution to this dilemma. I have so far not been able to find an explanation anywhere, and also the calculation of the tax is - for me - a very black-box. Mogens
  9. You seem to be of the opinion that all other people are stupid, and repeatedly tell that he or she has not read the instructions, has not understood what it is all about etc. I have replied to Ken as a PM on a subject because thsi in my opinion was out of line with the technicality that ccgv is supposed to handle. So despite that you have the opinion that I / we are not able to think ourselves, in certain areas we are. I still do not understand the outcome of my installation as far as the print on the invoice is concerned. Actually I still had the hope that there could be an error, and this eror could be solved, but your answer clearly closes this hope. You seem to take the point of view that all users per definition has a full updated oscommerce, has follwed the install instruction without making one single error, in short that everyone has done all to perfection. In that case you could close down your thread - there would be no need for is. In general people in here are very helpful, and also understands that we all are at various skill levels. I find your attitude hostile and unfriendly, and also would like to no longer receive any kind of replies from you. Mogens
  10. My pleasure! It seems as if ccgv (trad) is not able to support the way I want it to treat tax (which I have now found out is supported by an EU verdict). Nomatter how I mingle with parameters I have not been able to get a logical output which satisfies my needs, and to get on I have decided for the following model: 1) I am still using "Display prices with tax" set to "True" in Configuration / My Store. This is to make sure that customers all over the shop see prices including tax. 2) I have this setup of my order total modules sort order: Sub-total - Sort order = 1 Shipping - Sort order = 2 Discount Coupons - Sort order = 9 Gift Vouchers - Sort Order =740 Tax - Sort order = 800 Total - Sort Order = 900 3) I have these settings under Discount Coupons: Include Tax: False Re-Calculate Tax: Standard Tax Class: Taxable goods (my defined class) This will make the tax correct, but the discount coupon will be shown excl. tax. So regrettably I get exactly the kind of messy invoice I have tried to avoid, but this seems to be the only way forward. I can then as Ken suggested print "Discount Coup. 10% excl. tax" or something like this. Or alternatively I can manipulate the printed invoice to show things logically. Mogens
  11. This gives me an identical result to yours. But, I do not want to pay an extra ?1.00 in VAT. However this seems to indicate that you at least have the same error in your installation as I do. ;) Which parameters in ccgv (trad) that triggers a re-calculation of VAT and adding of ?1.00 further, is still a mystery to me. Mogens
  12. Hi Ken, It puzzles me that you get another result than I do, but I do not agree that the VAT amount should be ?10.00. In my opinion granting the customer a discount of 10% on an item priced at ?100 ex. VAT, should result in that the customer has to pay 0.9 x (100 x 1.10) = ?99, which is also equal to your Total. But why should you pay ?10 to HMCE in this fictituos situation? If you alternatively had reduced the item price by 10%, then the customers would have seen a Sub-Total of ?99.00 incl VAT, and not had the discount coupon of course. In this situation the VAT would be calculated to ?9.00. Should you pay ?1.00 more to HMCE because of the technicality that this is expressed as a separate line on the invoice? Should this be correct I must say it ought to be relevant with a contribution where the discount is taken out of the item-price. I assume, without having digged deeper into the VAT laws, that if you can establish a clear relationship between the discount coupon and the products (belonging to certain tax classes), then in most countries the discount coupon would be VAT deductible with the tax rates applying to the goods. But the above is partly commercial arguing, which has nothing to do with the ccgv (trad) program itself. However, what still bothers me, is that I cannot get ccgv (trad) to get the outcome I am after. And I am of course fully aware about all the subparameters under each order total module. And I have tried al possible and impossible combinations, as the underlying logic of how the modules and their respective parameters, interfere and end up in a correct tax calculation. So as Rhea based on my earlier mail is able to conclude that I have an incorrect Order Total Module setup, I hope she would tell me exactly where my incorrectness is. Mogens
  13. This surprises me I must admit, as I have tried to follow your instructions. But - maybe due to my ignorance - I do not understand how you can have different sort orders for Gift Vouchers (page 3 in your manual) and Discount Coupons (page 6). The only difference as far as I can see is that you have 740/760 as sort order under Gift Vouchers and 9/740 under Discount Coupons. With no modules in between in my installation, 740/760 must leave the same result as 9/740, or is there some kind of wizdom in these strange numbers? And how do these two descriptions interact? If you claim there is an error in my Total Module setup I would very much appreciate a hint on where this error could be, as I simply cannot see what is going wrong. And I have tried numerous combinations of sort orders and changes in the parameters without getting anyway nearer to an - for me - understandable outcome. Mogens
  14. Ken, I have made a comparison of all my files against the newest Oscommerce MS2.2 release, and cannot see anything in my installation that should cause it to behave different from standard. But please see the below example and the - in my opinion - incorrect outcome. I have this setup of my order total modules: Discount Coupons 740 Gift Vouchers 760 Shipping 2 Sub-Total 1 Tax 800 Total 900 (this is the order in which they appear in my admin screen) And discount coupons are set up this way: Include shipping: False Include Tax: True Re-calculate Tax: Standard Tax Class: Taxable goods (10% in my test shop) Using af discount coupon giving 10% on all goods and buying for 100.00? worth of goods leaves this result: Sub-Total: 110.00? (this includes VAT) Discount coupon 10%: -11.00? (must also include VAT) VAT: 9.00? Total: 98.00? The coupon is correct (10% of 110?), and so is the VAT (10% of 100*0.90), but I do not understand on what basis ccgv grants the customer a further 1.00? discount. This simple example where a customer buys a product for 110.00? incl. VAT and gets a 10% discount could not lead to other results than 99.00?. Mogens
  15. Thanks again Ken. I risk an eye and reply within this thread ;) With these examples I completely agree that this is fully understandable, so it seems as if something is wrong with my installation as I cannot make my Oscommerce work this way. Will look into some twisting, or perhaps find out if some codechanges has been made to the order_totals modules within the past 3 years that could explain why my installation doesn't behave properly. Regarding how to present things, I have the opinion that it should be as simple and straight forward as possible. Customers should not have to use hard thinking and calcutions to verify the correctness of the invoice. From subtotal to grandtotal it should be a simple calculation. And I would certainly aim to do thing a whole lot better than the majority of large corporations :D Mogens