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  1. I have installed contribution "Category Tabs with Subs" installed in my shop. This contri gets the cPath-ID by using the GET-method. Showing additional ?cPath=XX in the URL isn't harming the SEO-process, since the searchengines get rid of it in most cases anyway. As I have no comparison to other category-navigations, it would be interesting to know, how these navigations find out wether they are "highlighted" or not. Do they extract part of the URL?
  2. You are right - I'm sorry. I had Ultimate SEO v2.1 installed on osCommerce 2.2-MS2. Module worked just great and it rewrited the products-url to "product-p-123.html". The path was added to the products-url ("product-p-123.html?cPath=21"), so the categorie-tabs are highlighted accordingly. Sadly only the categories-name was never shown in the URL. Instead it rewrited the categories to "-c-21.html". Which generally is not that big of a problem, but I searched from time to time in order to get it right. But before everything else is not working - I thought - leave it as is :rolleyes:. Now yesterday I found the latest version of Ultimate SEO v. 22d5 and tried it out. Happily the products-url showed up as in previously version and more importantly to me, the categories-name was shown as "category-c-21.html". In the admin-panel I noticed some new features, such as "W3C-valid strings" and "Filter Short Words", but all of the sudden I couldn't find the "?cPath=XX" any longer. At this time, I wasn't aware of the possibility, that this feature might have discontinued in order to maybe have W3C-valid strings, or for other SEO-aims. Facing this situation :rolleyes: I played around with the new "add category parent"-options: - Add category parent to product URLs (i.e. - parent-some-product-p-1.html) Everything (except special character conversion) works as it supposed to be: The category shows in the URL, but still the category tabs are not shown accordingly. - Add category parent to begining of URLs (i.e. - parent-category-c-1.html) This changed nothing to my products-url and naturally the category-tabs were not highlighted. If I click the category tabs, the category-URL shows correctly as "category-c-21.html", but if I click a produc, the URL shows as "product-p-123.html". So finally I would like to stick to this great version of the contribution, but need to add the "?cPath=XX" to the products-URL. I need to add this parameter "?cPath=XX" to the URL.
  3. Hi guys, I have the same problem as mentioned by mam911 in his post. In the documentation it says: some-product-p-1.html?cPath=xx is exactly what I need in order to show the customers in which category they are. When I enter "some-product-p-1.html?cPath=xx" manually it shows up correct, with corresponding category-tab highlighted. Can anyone help on this? Best regards Matthias
  4. Hello everybody, I have osC 2.2 installed on my Linux Webserver. Most recently I have installed a SSL-certificate which works perfect for the main (catalog) page. Customers go to their profile or want to sign up, get transfered from http://www.mydomain.com to https://mydomain.com. Which is build in feature steered by the config-values in /includes/configure.php I guess. As a next step I want to secure the backend (admin). I have renamed the folder (admin) already. As some persons of different levels should login the backend, I installed the contribution"Multi admin with levels". Login works fine with full functionality of "Multi admin with levels", but only until URL stays http://www.mydomain.com/backend. To enable SSL for the backend I have entered https://mydomain.com/backend/ in /backend/includes/configure.php. Then I redirected http://www.mydomain.com/backend to https://mydomain.com/backend in httpd.include of the Apache Webserver. When calling http://www.mydomain.com/backend I get correctly transfered to http://mydomain.com/backend with established SSL-connection (shown in Browser). Problem is, that login don't works any longer when using SSL and I have no clue which settings to change. I've seen, that a Session ID "osCAdminID" gets created and shows up sometimes in the URL (but believe that was only when testing the http:-part :blink: ) Apart from this I noticed that all Links on that Login page and believe also the Login calls http:// URL. Probably I need to check the URL-building functions, but I thougt from the Source Code, that SSL-NONSSL-things get sorted out already?! Has anyone a solution? Matthias