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  1. Hi, Great contribution, I've been using this for some time now, for all shipping types. I want to improve options available to customers, and would like to add insurance, which varies depending on value, rather than adding a blanket insurance charge to the tables, I'd like to base on the shippers method of charging. i.e. RM Special delivery offers standard £500 compensation, but has higher values available for an extra fee, which varies according to total insured value. As does Airsure etc. Could we have this option incorporated into the contrib, so it calculates any additional insurance dependent on total order value? This could be done via a table as the postal price is now, i.e. value:fee,value:fee etc. It maybe usefull to have an admin tick box to enable/disable the option of insurance. Perhaps a tick box for the customer to chose if insurance is required or not, and if not, a disclaimer field (setable in admin) to be displayed with a tick box that must be compleated before checkout is permitted in order to protect the vendor. These would be really great additions to an already essential contribution. Thanks again. Andy