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  1. luddite_jean


    You need the IPN version, it sends the authorisation separately so it doesn't matter is your customer doesn't return to your website.
  2. luddite_jean

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    I'm using the basic 1.5 version, as I'm in the UK and don't need the UPS support. However, my shipping module is modified, I just have 3 zones - UK, Europe, and rest of the world. I need to know where the country code is picked up, and how it determines which shipping is valid, as the contrib works fine for the UK (home country), but selecting any other country results in no output.
  3. luddite_jean

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    I've installed the Nochex APC, I have a Merchant account. From the customers' point of view it's working fine, and it almost works from my point of view, except stock levels don't get updated, the status never gets changed to Authorised. Plus, no orders appear in the Nochex APC option at the end od the standard admin items. I know this has come up before, but (rather unhelpfully) the poster simply posted that it was now working, without saying how it got fixed. This is on a live system, and has already caused problems in that two customers bought the same one-off item, so urgent help is needed. -Jean.
  4. OK, I found the postage rate strings - they're hard-coded in each PHP file in the catalog>includes>modules>shipping. To get them active, edit the rate string, then go to Admin, remove the option, and re-install it. If I finish editing before someone else does, I'll add the files to the contrib.
  5. Where are the postage rate strings held? Only it's impossible to update them in Admin, and I need to go live with my shop without losing money on postage,as the rates have changed since this contrib was last updated.