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    Basic Blue Template

    any chance you can help ive installed this template wicked ive added a header bar to it but i still cant get these buttonsto work here is the code <?php echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_id', $product_info['products_id']) . tep_image_submit('www.kewns.co.uk/templates/Option2/languages/english/buttons/button_in_cart.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_IN_CART); ?></form></td> if you can help i be well chuffed get template thank you very much cheers kewns www.kewns.co.uk
  2. kewns1

    [Contribution] - Search Box Anywhere

    is this the code were its getting the image from tep_image_submit('button_quick_find.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_SEARCH, 'align="middle"') . tep_draw_hidden_field('inc_subcat', '1', true) . '</form>'; ?></span></td> cheers ste
  3. kewns1

    [Contribution] - Search Box Anywhere

    hello and thanks to your reply i have done what you said with english.php dnt think its made any difference also my images our all there i think as none of my button images are showing it may have something to do with htacess which a read about on here last nite am still not sure dou it loads qutie well for me here and at work and at my friends i dnt know why it was loading slow i will check with housting company this week cheers kewns if yourself or any could help i still be graetful i know its proberly something i ve done wrong lol cheers kewns
  4. kewns1

    CSS Menu

    ive tired so many times i cant install this css menu its a really pain nothing works www.kewns.co.uk if you can give any help iwould be gratful thank you cheers ste
  5. kewns1

    [Contribution] - Search Box Anywhere

    hello ive got a few problems the no logo the search box doest work am missing buttons getting red x instead if any one can help be grateful my site Visit My Website cheers kewns am new to php
  6. kewns1

    Basic Blue Template

    hello nice template i have a few problems as you see www.kewns.co.uk the sign in button ant working i think the two buttons are wrong the add to cart button ant working idea i think may charge to the purple one i thinks that will be a beter color not to sure on that but i need to knwo how to change them buttons also how do put my own banner up ro replace os one cheers kewns and thanks fot the template your a star