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  1. yeah.. i am happy with it. and as it was pointed out to me, changing the order might not make sense in people's mind.. Even though they reversed the order, they might still assume that NEXT means NEXT IMAGE in the sequencial order as far as the site loading slow, i do not know why itwould.> ALL of my images are optmized for the web so that they dont loose clarity but they are small. My husband is the photographer and is VERY good at optimizing images.. the size you see as a thumbnail is the actual size of the image.. I wonder if its something else that is slowing it down. i was reading the thread called A SPEED OPTIMIZATION IN PROGRESS (or something to that nature) and reading about all the DB queries.. maybe that is my issue..
  2. lindsayanng

    help with cvv2 contrib

    I'm sorry.. i'm not sure. I am not familiar with the contribution as i never needed it. i was likely able to help you with a database issue (MAYBE) but something liek that is beyond what i can help.. SORRY.. make a new thread and give as much details as you can.
  3. lindsayanng

    help with cvv2 contrib

    ok.. Calm down.. You are having the same issue where you have that exact same error?? or is your only issue that you can not see if your admin??
  4. lindsayanng

    Product Attributes - Option Type Feature

    then you may have mcuked something up when you did an install.. Do you have a merge type program like WinMerge or DiffMerge?? then you can compare your product attributes file with the contribution's file to see if you missed something.
  5. actually i gave up on the contribution, but someone was suggesting some code in the general topics forum - here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=316357 However, i dont know if making the order work inthe previous and next will confuse the customer one way or the other.. well, you will see the htought process on that thread. it is for this site: The website
  6. lindsayanng

    Product Attributes - Option Type Feature

    did you click shft + refresh.. it could just be a cache issue..
  7. Hey there SAM.. i have encountered an issue when trying to add a Prvious and Next button to my product_info page, and i think it is due to the product_listing.php. Basically, the contribution i found on the addons just came up with a product not found.. then i implimented a different option, which works, but it does not work when the customer uses your addon to change the order of the product listing.. basically, if they view in reverse product name, they will see the items in reverse, but when they go to the previous and next, the next will bring them to the logical next and not the actual next after they changed the order.. Do you have any suggestions on how to get this to work with your contribution?? THANKS
  8. lindsayanng

    Product Attributes - Option Type Feature

    you just re create the option value for as many options as you have So say you want them to choose from 10 colors.. You create an attribute called COLORS, then one option value for RED, one for BLUE, one for GREEN, one for YELLOW, one for PURPLE, and one for ORANGE then you go to the products at the bottom of the page, choose the product from the drop down menu and add RED, then do it again and choose BLUE, ect ect You can do this a LOT faster if you add the attributes sets contribution to your store too.. this way you can just add them in the product edit field.
  9. lindsayanng

    Product Attributes - Option Type Feature

    yea.. just create the option value in the attributes page of admin and tell it to be a check box. You can do as many as you would like of ANYTHING.. attributes sets contribution might help you out a lot too... you might also want to come up with something that limits them to ONLY checking 5 of the 80
  10. did you set up the API info and all that?? It seems like it is a PAYPAL issue. Have you contact them? also, i do not believe that the US one was the one you should have used since you are not using dollars.
  11. You are not allowed to ask for paid help on this forum. it is against forum rules.. HOWEVER, you can get help here.. Just take down the offer for money and psot your ACTUAL problem. What payment module are you using..
  12. lindsayanng

    Column Banner Advertisement

    I;m confused about this contribution.. i dont have borders around my banners that are in the banner manager..
  13. go to your control panel at your host's administration side (NOT OSCOMMERCE ADMIN) find the link to phpmyadmin and open that.. Then you will see a list of databases that your site has on the side, one will probably be bigger than the other, if you JUST have oscommerce installed, then the bigger of the two, or the one names yoursite_osc will be the one to click. when you open that, you will see your tables from the database there. You need to click on MYSQL. When you click on that you will see a big text field. Copy the two ALTER TABLE lines and paste it into the text box and click GO.. you will get a query successfull note and you will be done.
  14. lindsayanng

    Multiple quanities/prices

    you can add quantity price break which lets you set different prices for different quantities of the SAME item/
  15. lindsayanng

    Contrib for Product attritute quantity?

    yes.. I was using ATTIBUTES SETS where you can create a set of attributes WITH PRICE and you just go to your edit product page and click ADD ATTRIBUTES which then brings you to a list with check boxes to add which sets you already created.. HOWEVER, i added the AJAX attribute manager which is AWESOME.. it MIGHT be quicker than the other because you can memory an attribute's layout with "templates" it isSUPER SUPER easy to install and i suggest trying teh AJAX first and if you need more THEN do the attributes set.
  16. lindsayanng

    Show you my contrib: Categories Description.

    The ones that bkellum posted are the ones that I was thinking about. I understand that english is not your first language, and i assume that the spanish (is that your language) is probably better described. DOes your contribution all to add the PDF file in the admin section so a different PDF link shows up on every category
  17. lindsayanng

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    i'm sorry.. it was the only way i could help since i do not know much about that..
  18. lindsayanng

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    i am interested in this contribution, but i planned on using it a LITTLE differently. Instead of a wishlist, it would be used as favorites (we sell images) i would like to keep ALL the functionality except the ADD TO CART from the wishlist because the price of the main product is $0.00 and the attributes are really the products.. Also, i KNOW this is a big request.. but.. Is it possible for to show the items that they added to their "wishlist" in a scrolling box in the footer (or somewhere on the site?) this way the customer can always see what they have added while they go along.. instead of having to always click back to their wishlist page. I understand the need for their own page, but it WOULD be nice to create a wide and narrow scrolling box that shows all their images and has a little button to remove one from there if they wish. ANY suggestions on this?
  19. lindsayanng

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    try working with this in attribute manager.php file - copied this from an old post on this thread hjeres some more info Installed the latest version of this today and get this message when I edit an Item: 'Session not registered - You cant access this page directly' I saw this referenced earlier in this thread, but with no solution. Cheers Are you still having this problem? Let me know. It shouldn't be happening, unless you are trying to directly access attributeManager.php - Please make sure you have followed every install step correctly. QUOTE (SmartProdukter.no @ Mar 9 2006, 09:26 PM) in attributeManager.php i find where to fix the * Fixed non-latin charicters showing ��� This was in the old version: // not strictly nessessary but output a header header("Content-type: text/plain"); This is in new code to show norwegian ���, this you can also put inside ajax advansed search Contributions // output a response header header('Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1'); Put this inside to fix the ��� problem, in attributeManager.php , quickfind.php or quickbox : // output a response header header('Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1'); Thats right, you have to force the charset to utf-8. If you are parsing non latin charicters from javascript to the server you will also need to add setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"); to the request object. there is some discussion of it in the March 2006 posts.
  20. lindsayanng

    Show you my contrib: Categories Description.

    good looking out.. I am still confused.. It is a contribution that adds a description to the CATEGORIES then?? Just wanted to clarify. There are lots of contributions out there with the MOST vague descriptions. it drives me nuts.. OR some descriptions are so complex that you loose the meaning.
  21. lindsayanng

    Show you my contrib: Categories Description.

    uploading DUPLICATE contributions is never a good thing.. and the description is still very vague.. you have CATEGORIES and CATALOG.. i dont know which it is for because you have categories in each
  22. lindsayanng

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Dont know if you fixed this or not, but HEADERS ALREADY SENT usually means you have blank spaces BEFORE the opening php tag or AFTER the closing php tag.
  23. lindsayanng

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I have a very important question. I just installed the AJAX attribute manager.. ITS GREAT>. i LOVE IT!! however i have a little question that i HOPE HOPE HOPE someone can answer. I have the super download store installed, and it GROUPS files, and i noticed that when i click EDIT on the digital file attribute, it only shows ONE file.. Is there a way that this works with TWO files in one file group?? THANKS!
  24. lindsayanng

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    hey guys.. I was wondering if any of you folks have used this with the ajax attributes manager.. the refresh that happens EVERY TIME i add something is killing because not only is it refreshing, but it is refreshing EVERY SINGLE THING because the page splits that are coded in the last release do not work with the most recent version of osc. I really need either the page splits to WORK correctly or for the ajax contribution to help out. Either way, this contribution is NOT helping me being the way it is. It resulted in an INSANELY large product attributes page that is about 3700 lines long
  25. lindsayanng

    Pass attributes into osc

    ahh ok.. I gotcha. That is WAY beyond what i can do coding wise, HOWEVER there is an attributes as image contribution who's code you might be able to hack and work with.