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  1. lindsayanng

    please help install

    then you are missing the adminfiles. when yoou open the contribution, follow the instruvtions starting with the admin files.. That will get the link in your admin section, then you can do from there.. not ust go and upload files if they already exist.. make sure to do a manual install (meaning you add the code instead of uploading a pre edited file.)
  2. lindsayanng

    please help install

    its ok.. Go to your admin section and look for the VOUCHERS/COUPONS section. it should be at the bottom of the box.. then click COUPON ADMIN.. there you will create a new coupon with all the specifics.. THEN you can go to checkout and use that exact coupon code and it SHOULD do everything for you on checkout.
  3. lindsayanng

    please help install

    so when you try to use a code that you KNOW is definitely there, it says invalid.. are you SURE that you have the codes in the admin section of oscommerce???
  4. lindsayanng

    please help install

    they probably DID already install it, but you can probably upload a more recent version (depending on how long ago THEY did it) which gift cert./disount coupon code contribution are you trying to install?? what is the EXACT error that is happening, and how are you making that happen.
  5. lindsayanng

    CCGV(trad) question

    I am trying to figure out if the following is possible with this contribution.. we sell wedding photography and offer a registry for the bride and groom so they can basically ask guests to buy them certificates to be put towards thier final payment or extra prints/novelty items.. i would like to make a specific gift card called registry gift voucher (or something like that) and when a guest purchases that, they choose to send it to a friend, but i DO NOT want the bride and groom to get the email becuase most people will buy them a long time before the wedding, and it kinda ruins the idea of a present.. Anyways, i would like for those to go into an account that I create for the bride and groom, and when their wedding is over, they can go to their account and see who purchased them what.. The other option i have for the guests of the wedding is to purchase the gift voucher but instead of sending it to a friend, they pay $5.00 more and get it in a fancy little box that we call gift presentation" Then the bride/groom can just go to make a purchase and enter the voucher number when they checkout.. Thats the EASIEST way to do it.. but i am sure some people will just want a virtual voucher to be sent.. So is there any ideas?? can this already be done and i am just missing a settin somewhere???
  6. what do you mean?? you get a blank page? check your control panel and see if you have error reporting turned on.
  7. I changed your code to this: div#pic a .std {display: none;} div#pic a:hover .large{position:relative; top:10px; left:100px; background-color:#fff; z-index:100;} div#pic a:hover .large {position:relative; top:10px; left:100px; background-color:#fff; z-index:100;} and it pops the image up, but it is causing SOO many other issues, that i think i shoudlnt use it.. still looking for other issues.. the images being the right size in the product listing is more important than this hover.. as much as i WANT it to work, i'm not sure it wil..
  8. ok.. i got it to pop OVER and leave a blank behind it, but it keeps popping up to the top left so it gets a squirrly. AND its using the small image which looks REALLY bad.. i need it to use a high quality image go the position correct.. now i have an overall issue.. I just realized that the code that you wrote does not use the specs that i set in admin to use the actual size of the thumbnail.. i set width and hieght to null, but now it is actually setting a width which makes the portrait pictures look HUGE!! I also cant figure out how to make it use a completely different image to pop over
  9. Ok, so i figured out what is going on.. that code makes the horizonal images SHRINK and the verticle images EXPAND.. it also doesnt make them pop up on top, and actually moved EVERYTHING around including the tables that the images are in.. I kept it up so you can see it.. its not a huge deal if customers see it like that.. but its not the effect i was looking for..
  10. hey, i got the code in there without any errors or anything, BUT it does the opposite. It shows the image, and if you hover, it shrinks the whole table, not just the image..
  11. lindsayanng

    Shipping added to Attributes?/

    well, i found this contribution, but i am wondering if this will work with attributes QTY contribution that i use.. actual price I guess thats a question for a different section though..
  12. lindsayanng

    Shipping added to Attributes?/

    I need to know if there is a contribution where i can make one attribute add an additional weight to price to the shipping at checkout. Basically, all of my products are the same, we sell images.. the attributes are the actual products - which is fine. Our printer offers flat rate shipping, so our customers get flat rate shipping.. but we use a different company for the shipping on non print items, like mugs and novelties.. THAT printer charges different based on the item, so i need to do the same. So i really need a way to add additional fee to the shipping area.. ANY suggestions on how to do this?? I'm sure there is something i can do with table rates, but i have no idea how to apply that to attributes and not to the main product..
  13. lindsayanng

    need- help for 3 column contribution

    that one is the best one out there!!!!
  14. lindsayanng

    Problem with PayPal Website Payments Pro (US) Direct Payments

    I have been trying to figure out how to change the text on the payment to take away the Processed by PayPal text. it really confuses people and they thing that both choices bring them to paypal.. I dont need them to know who is processing my payments anyways.. I just can not find teh text for it!! Thanks in advance.
  15. Oh no.. sam.. i lost the images on my product listing now!!! i used the second block of code and the css.. and i got an unexpected T_ELSE and when i used the first block i have no images on the product list now.
  16. thanks sam.. i'm going to try that NOW!! i'm soo excited you really rock~~
  17. hey SAM.. If i could bother you again, i hope you dont mind.. If you do, just ignore me.. I am trying to implement the hover popup on your product listing page, but out of all of the code i have seen, your is SOO complex it makes my head spin.. I can see what is happening in the code, but i am not entirely sure where to put my new code.. I know that i have to add this somewhere: <div id="pic"><a class="p1" href="#" onClick="java script:return false"><?php echo('<img src=' . DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image'] . ' width="' . SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH . '" height="' . SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT . '">'); ?><?php echo('<img src=' . DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image'] . ' width="' . SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH . '" height="' . SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT . '" class="large">'); ?></a></div> Which will make the hover work (I think) and there are three lines that call for the product image.. I have no idea what to do with this.. these are the lines with the product image.. 190 205 295 should i replace ALL of those lines with the code? Or just a portion??Sorry if i am being needy...
  18. I have additional images installed on one of my stores and then installed the thumbnail code and everything was fine.. what happened when you finished the install. maybe it had nothing to do with the error you got.. You would not have needed to do all that and just searched whatever error it was you had to fix it.
  19. AHA!! thats what i thought initially.. but he said it was fine..
  20. Did you use the oscommece file manager to upload that file?? I have read similar issues where the person uploaded the file through the oscommerce file manager and the 'n' should be '\n' anywhere you have a 'n' you should have '\n' MAYBE.. i'm not entire sure.. but if you used the osc file manager that MIGHT be what happened.. otherwise, i will have to see what else i can find.. DONT FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR FILE
  21. OMG that Stu nicholas has some awesome stuff.. thanks for the links.. i am going to play with it a little.. i'm sure its not NEARLY as easy implimenting it with an oscommerce code though.
  22. I will then learn about the use for css on hover images. I'm still new to most of this so I do welcome all suggestions for making my site the best and easiest to use as possible. If you know of any resources to learn css hover I would be halt to take a look. Otherwise I will look at google or w3 schools
  23. ahh.. i see.. this is the site that gave me the inspiration mediazog Someone pointed it out to me, but i dont like how it looks plain, i would like more of animation like with lightbox
  24. thanks for that.. i was using the CLUBOSC pop up contribution, but was thinking of implimenting a lightbox effect for the windows that open.. as far as a back effect, couldnt they just close the window?? There is only one image per product.. i know with mulitple images, something like that would be good.. i was also thinking of adding a hover effect to the product listing where the customer can just hover over an image to see it larger before entering the product info page.. what do you think about that??
  25. post your code for hope/includes/classes/seo.class.php there is some kinda of minimal coding error, which is odd since that is probably code that was coded by the contributor.. Unless you changed things around, everyone would be having this issue though..