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  1. lindsayanng

    CSS Menu

    ANYONE?? Seriously?!
  2. lindsayanng

    Custom Product Builder

    I am still unable to choose ANYTHING from the dropdown menu. I have the newest version of firefox and basically what is happening now (on your test store) is that I click the down arrow, it says "loading" and then the product list shows up, and I can hover over them and the color changes on hover, but i can not CHOOSE any of them. Then, if i click outside the box to make it close, i am unable to get that same product box the open again.
  3. SO I am confused.. Did you upload a working package or does your package not work??
  4. lindsayanng

    CSS Menu

    I have seen this EXACTL question asked about 4 times on this thread and not one person has even tried to answer, so i figured i might ask again in hopes that someone can answer it this time.. I am basically looking to have this menu ONLY show but to the first subcategory.. I do not want any other sub-category after the first level subcategory to show.. Is there a way to do this??
  5. lindsayanng

    Custom Product Builder

    I gotta tell ya, this is all acting REALLY weird.. I have not yet installed this contribution on my server yet, and its because i cant even get your version to work. I keep revisiting the link as you are making changes and such, and every time its something different. Again, i am using a Macbook Pro viewing the site in Firefox 3.0.3 (the newest one) Security settings right now are VERY low. Right now, when i visted your site, i clicked the down arrow and it brought up the list of products. I was unable to select a product from the list. The color changed on hover, but nothing was added as i clicked. So i clicked off of that box to make it hide again so that I could re-open - thedown arrow now does NOTHING. Once i did that, i was unable to get the product select box to open again, and i can not click on any other category.
  6. lindsayanng

    Custom Product Builder

    hey.. i tried it again, this time on my work computer which is a PC running IE7.. I added images to EVERY "month" and then clicked BUILD PRODUCT and was reverted back to the index page. I DID NOT choose a "set up fee" is this why it did that?? if not, a warning would be better saying "you didnt choose one part of the build" orsomething like that.. This way i wouldnt loose the entire thing i just did.. I clicked the WHATS NEW box, and my calender was not there, however there were others that were there.. Is there a way to NOT have them show in the whats new? Does is literally create a NEW PRODUCT every time someone builds a custom calender? If so, is there a way to regularly clear that part of the DB so you dont get overrun with useless products?
  7. lindsayanng

    Custom Product Builder

    Ok.. I think i understand the mod a little more now. I Am really excited to get working on this. I'm going to install it on my "test" store which is vanilla, and then another test store which has all my shop mods to see how it goes... HOWEVER, i still cant add any of YOUR test store products to my cart. It keeps bringing me back to the home page
  8. lindsayanng

    Custom Product Builder

    hey. Im viewing your TEST STORE on firefox at home now (i was on my PC at work before) and now i cant get ANYTHING to work.. None of the boxes will open when i click the down arrow and nothing happens when i click INFO.. also, if i click on somehting underneath the first category, i get a "selections above first"
  9. lindsayanng

    Custom Product Builder

    When you created this thing, you said you were doing with two types of "packaged" products... This whole thing is VERY complicated for what i am trying to do, but if i can start to understand it better, i THINK it will work for my use. What i would like to do is basically offer a CALENDER as a product. All of the other products on my site are just images. the images have no value, but the attributes do have a value, those are the actual products. So i was thinking of creating teh CALENDER as a build item, and making everyproduct from ONE subcategory an option to add to the calender. Now, there would be no dependencies or anything like that.. They can choose 13 images to have put on their calender.. So here are my questions.. are the categories the "sections or deparments" in which each product is a part of? So can i create a category called "January" and put ALL of the products (or images) in that category.. then create a new category called FEBRUARY, and do the same - put all the products under that category. Is that how this works?? i played with it a little, but i was at work and the whole thing really confused me.. Also, it said "best viewed in IE" and i have firefox..
  10. lindsayanng

    Custom Product Builder

    Either i am using it wrong, or there is a glitch in your install.. I selected various products to be added to the "buld" and then clicked the BUILD button at the bottom right and it brought me to the main page with nothing in my cart. I also do not think that this will work for my "calender creation" needs. Or maybe i am misunderstanding where all those products are coming frolm.
  11. i do believe that its an ancient host that is not allow those scripts to run!!!!
  12. I'm trying to help somoene out by installing your contribution, but there is some WEIRD STUFF going on with their server. I clearly uploaded the product_listing_setup.php to the admin folder, as it shows when i go to the ftp.. HOWEVER< when i go to run the setup by putting http://mydomain.com/catalog/admin/product_listing_setup.php it just brings me right to hte login.. and if i try to use the https, i get this error SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)
  13. lindsayanng

    Custom Product Builder

    I'm super excited to try this, i would just like to see how it looks on a stock osc install if you have it
  14. lindsayanng

    Site review module

    i have been waiting for a contribution like this for a while.. havent seen one yet.
  15. lindsayanng

    Links Manager II

    OMG I LOVE THIS CONTRIBUTION!!! just one quick question.. is there a way to change the size of the CATEGORY images?? i saw the size of the links images, but NOT the categories.
  16. lindsayanng

    Options as images

    lildog.. you really should consider creating this contribution to work WITH STS since STS is a very commonly used template system.. STS allows oscommerce users to create a "template" in an html format and the define places for the php code to show which results in a unique looking site..
  17. Hi there.. I just installed this contribution, and I was wondering if anyone figured out how to make this contribution work by using SUBCATEGORIES only in the box.. basically, i wanted my main categories across the top in their own little drop down menu, HOWEVER i wanted to list a second set of categories that were the subcategories.. This would be just an alternate way of navigating
  18. lindsayanng

    New Handgun Website

    no way.. I have a store with multiple distributors. I have some ship from ohio, some from California and some Connecticut.. its not a bad thing and not impossible to deal with. You just set a flat rate, sometimes people will get a deal on shipping, and sometimes they will pay a little too much.. Sometimes they will live REALLY CLOSE to that distributor and sometimes really far away.. It does end up evening out if you ship on a flat rate or table rate based on weight. Just deal with the +1 -1 that happens with everyone who ships from dropshippers.
  19. lindsayanng

    Customer Account Number Mod

    my thought for the account numbers was to be able to integrate it with the CCGV so if a customer knows that their friend has an account, they can send the goft voucher directly to the account number.. But for a basic layout on the user end, i would think that just put it inthe my account info in with the addresses and phone numbers
  20. lindsayanng

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Well, it could be for a number of reasons, generally if you have other product attributes contributions added, you are going to have to do some CLOSE comparissons .. HOWEVER, all of the fixes for super download store say //BOF// //EOF// so you can see where the super download fixes start and end.. anything that is different outside of those probably shouldnt need to be changed
  21. You are probably just missing the language files.. Go to the installation and see which of those english files those reside in.
  22. lindsayanng

    Customer Account Number Mod

    thats why i was keeping my fingers crossed that someone was working on making it right for the new verion
  23. lindsayanng

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    nevermind, i had the code output a tad different than it should have been.. I had it wrapped in <?php but i had an } in there.. just incase you guys need this answer... if your drop downs/flyouts do not work, it is because your footer code is not correct,. On another note, HOW do i actually USE a template..
  24. lindsayanng

    Customer Account Number Mod

    This would be awesome if you can get this contribution to work.. I'm trying to figure a way to create customer account numbers, and then use the CCGV(trad) account to allow customers to "send" a gift voucher to a friend via account number!
  25. lindsayanng

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Ok. i installed this contribution with all the corresponding files (because i did want to play with the look) but i am entirely LOST.. I wanted a drop down that was horizontal, but i can not get the sub categories to drop down on hover.. I also have been trying to figure out how apply those templates.. theres nothing in the instructions (that i saw) that tell you how to USE the templates. ANY help or a push in the right direction is appreciated. I saw a few people here ask the same question, but did not find any actual answer