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  1. If you are looking for a fixed position, like the standaard osCommerce menu, and a vertical fly-out menu, I've just contributed CSS Menu v0.1 which wil show you the same sort of menu, which is fully customizable using CSS-properties! There is also a screenshot included in the package.


    Should I try this?!!



  2. Hi,


    I have just installed coolMenu1.2 and everything was great! BUT I have added a width to my pages of 800px from 100% to create a blue border down each side, now this new menu does not fit in with my existing template!




    Any help on resolving this would be great!


    Also I will be looking to remove the 'curve' images on the Categories (left) & Basket (right) so if you have any idea how to do this as well!!!



    Thanks in advance,