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  1. Hi everyone. Can anybody tell me what I may be doing wrong? Everytime I go in and Edit one product's shipping price through Catalog/Categories & Products, it doesn't seem to save correctly all the time (Either the prices reset to "0" or it only shows the same shipping price across all options of Ground, 2nd Day and Overnight). What's worse, I find that the wrong prices copies over to the rest of my products!!! I notice that if I edit the shipping in the Catalog/Product Attributes section (instead of the Catalog/Categories section), the shipping prices remain accurate to my input. But I have about 300 products (with more than one product options) and I'm afraid carpal tunnel's already setting in. :'( Is there a way to copy attributes in bulk? Also, where am I suppose to edit my special shipping prices so it doesn't affect the general shipping prices I've set for the majority of my products? Help, please!!! I'm a newbie in distress!