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  1. Developing weth joomla and osc

  2. crash3903

    Add funds to account

    Guys Does anyone know of a contribution that allows customers to add funds to their account to use on the shop? Thanks Mark
  3. crash3903

    MVS 1.2 Errors after install

    the first few errors are telling you that you have files missing the last one is normally caused by junk at the front of the file or whitespace regards mark
  4. add a curly bracket to the end of the file and see if that helps (vcurly bracket >> } ) regards mark
  5. Can someone please point me in the right direction I need the ability to have a discount (Percentage) based on total values For example Total A = 5% discount Total B = 10% discount Total C = 15% discount etc etc etc Anyone help? Thanks Mark
  6. crash3903

    Discount based on total in cart

    Sorry yes I have - I have tried quantity price break I am using the most recent version of osc Thanks Mark
  7. crash3903

    Discount based on total in cart

    Anyone help me pls?
  8. crash3903

    MVS text message problem

    have you set up shipping methods for the vendors?
  9. crash3903

    Fedex Direct2.07 error message

    No probs your welcome :thumbsup:
  10. crash3903

    Fedex Direct2.07 error message

    Have you run the sql file included in the contribution?
  11. crash3903

    Installing Ultra Pics

    looks like you have already run the sql as that is saying the column already exists
  12. Copy and paste the above sql statements that deejay has listed into your db
  13. crash3903

    New and Overwhelmed

    This forum is just the ticket for what you want ;) I have a manual I can send you if you want it - It is for a loaded version of oscommerce we developed but it includes all the basics as well Regards
  14. crash3903

    Problem installing PWA

    What about doing this? See if that helps Regards
  15. crash3903

    Where does everyone get their templates?

    what style do you need?
  16. crash3903

    TABLE_PAGES doesn't exist issue

    to be able to properly diagnose your problem I would need some access - If you want to PM me some access details then I would be happy to help
  17. crash3903

    TABLE_PAGES doesn't exist issue

    have you made changes to the configure files?
  18. crash3903

    TABLE_PAGES doesn't exist issue

    What was it - didn't run a sql file or didn't add the table define in the tables file?
  19. crash3903

    Problem with every module

    No probs your welcome ;)
  20. crash3903

    Fatal Error

    Read the install instructions again - you have missed an edit probably in a functions file Probably this one in includes/functions/general.php
  21. crash3903

    Stock not always deducted..

    Admin/Configuration/Stock Check to make sure the stock is subtracted when products are ordered paypal problem => Are you using the paypal payment module that comes with osc?
  22. crash3903

    Problem with every module

    In your file admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php Look for (Towards the top) Change it to Adding in the reset($ar); Do the same in includes/functions/compatibility.php try that and see if it works regards
  23. Hi Richard In your index.php file in the root of your site look for this Change it to read (By adding 2 // after the <?php tag) Same goes for the left <?php //require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'column_left.php'); ?> That should fix your layout