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  1. yes, you are right! but i use newsletter products that i send to wholesale customers and they recive a email with links to the product! so when they click on that link it comes up that error message! i would more likely to have it say something like "Please log in to view product!" is it possible? MR-M
  2. when i hide a product and i finde it in the shop (lets say over the search) and would like to add it to cart or view the details i get... [b]Fatal error[/b]: Class messagestack: Cannot inherit from undefined class tablebox in [b]/homepages/34/d70134280/htdocs/includes/classes/message_stack.php[/b] on line [b]20[/b] Thank you for your reply!
  3. MR-M

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    thank you for the reply $image_new = "images/logo.jpg"; copy($image,$image_new); $attachment = fread(fopen($image_new, "r"), filesize($image_new)); $mail->add_attachment("$attachment", $image_new, "image/jpeg"); $mail->send(); @unlink($iamge_new); i am looking for something like the above code, but it adds the images as a attachment... but to stop the message about unsecure blocked items in mail it needs to be embedded like if you insert images in outlook... did not work for me ;( MR-M
  4. MR-M

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    hi, 1. how can i add a link to the end of the email with the email addy of the receiver!? 2. how can i embedd the pictures so i dont need to click on that warning in outlook!? thank you for the reply and the nice contrib... MR-M