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  1. ccheney

    Custom Sort Order contribution

    I figured it out, apparently the first two file edits did not save entirely. It is working now. close thread.
  2. Hello, I installed this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2541 It appears to work correctly, I can change the sort order of the products via the control panel and it does re-sort them in the admin area. However, in the front end of osC (what the customer sees) it is sorting them by product name ascending. Any ideas on what I may have done wrong? I doubled checked all of the php file modifications and everything appears to be in place. Thanks.
  3. ccheney

    USPS rate increase may 12 2008

    Thanks for the info!
  4. ccheney

    USPS rate increase may 12 2008

    Anyone having any problems with this module today?