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  1. (This post replaces all previous, the cross-posts have been removed, tnks admins) Since 6 months I've used Discount Coupons contribution, which works fine for me. 2 Weeks ago I installed Order Editor, and it works just great, tnks for a very good contrib, but ... this week a customer used a coupon and it doesn't get taken out of the total price. I understand that both contribs would calculate in the same forms, or at least the same information, but php is not my cookie, and some pointers or help would be greatly appreciated. As a first info below the edited order in question: Tnks Gijs
  2. Since 6 months the discount coupon contribution was running fine. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4269 Last week I installed Order editor, and it works fine on itself too. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1435 This week a customer came back with a discount coupon, and the amount is not deducted: The shipping amount has been set to 0 by myself. I tried replacing the discount coupon twice with a positive and negative amount, but does not affect the order total. tnks for helping me out G
  3. gijswuyts

    Orders placed via Paypal IPN do not populate database

    I think you suffer from the same problem like a few other people and me, and it is pretty simple. Once the payment is processed on the Paypal website, customers should push the button: "return to [shopname]". if they don't do that, the payment is processed, but OSC orders is not updated. I think maybe it's paypal's way of pushing merchants to the $$$ pro solution! g
  4. gijswuyts

    newbie question on paypal module

    Same problem here. Once the customer has paid using paypal, he/she HAS to push that button "Return to [shop name]", or else the order is not registered properly in OSC. Can this be solved using another paypal module, or do i need to re-write the shopper's instructions?
  5. OK, my fault, found that one 5 minutes later... but another problem, and I've seen it mentioned, but I don't get the logic: I create a DCC worth 10 EURO I apply it, and on the confirmation it shows as a 9.56 E discount I do show prices incl 21% Belgian VAT but how does it get to 9.56? g
  6. I've translated the text labels on the 3 pages, but in the checkout confirmation page the text "Discount Coupon 12345 applied:" stays in English? I though this was the small portion of catalog / includes / languages / english / modules / order_total / ot_discount_coupon.php thatw as used to create that text? gijs
  7. With much ease I've installed DCC 3.0 on my existing shop. Excellent feature! I've just got one small question: Is this list of files the only ones I have to add/modify in the other languages (NL, FR, DE)? The Admin pages I only use in English. New files: catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/order_total/ot_discount_coupon.php Existing files: admin/includes/languages/english.php catalog/includes/languages/english.php catalog/includes/languages/english/checkout_payment.php tnks gijs