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    Linkpoint API Problems

    :'( I am new to os commerce, I have an existing account with linkpoint and was told it was supported here... well it seemed easy to set up, but it is not working. Each customer that has atempted to use it has gotten the error message "There was an error processing your credit card, Please wait ten minutes and try again". I have called Linkpoint...they were no help they said "it looks ok to me" but of course they would not say that they could help me figure out how to test it or how even to troubleshoot it. can anyone tell me where to look?
  2. tom@westchatham.com

    Microsoft bCentral closing, need a replacement...

    :'( Greetings all. I too have been forced to change from bcentral after 6 trouble free years. I am having trouble with the linkpoint API functionality. it seems to be set up properly in every way except the one that needs to be...It doesn't work. every time a customer tries to use it they get an error that says that there was an error in processing thier credit card, please wait ten minutes and try again??? :blush: Can anyone help with this one?