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  1. sirphoenix

    [CONTRIBUTION] Admin products paging

    here is an easy solution for the search-problem. instead of some complicated function to get the correct page just change the sort order to move the product on top. change the order of the second $prod_sql query (not the search query) from: order by pd.products_name to: order by field(p.products_id,'".$_GET['pID']."') desc, pd.products_name and that's it. there is also another error not connected to this contribution that the first pre-selected search result will point to a wrong category-path when multiple results are found. here's another very easy fix: find: while ($products = tep_db_fetch_array($products_query)) { add before $selPath = 0; find $pInfo = new objectInfo($pInfo_array); add below: $selPath = $cPath; find $cPath_back = ''; add before if ($selPath > 0) $cPath = $selPath; now everything works correctly for me ;)