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    [Contribution] SEO-G

    I have a slight issue that I don't know how to fix. I installed this over the weekend and had everything working correctly. However we decided to move the location of our store and now things are a little messed up. my original setup: http://domain/store/ http://domain/store/admin we have now moved to http://domain/ http://domain/admin The Friendly URLs are now working .....BUT.....when i go to view who is online in my admin panel it tells me everyone is accessing the cookie_usage.php. I can successfully navigate my store, add to my cart, checkout, etc but the entire time it will say that I'm viewing cookie_usage.php Any ideas of how to fix this?? Thanks so much!
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    Fuzzy product image until refresh?

    Thank you Terrie for the reply!! I'll look into ultra pics. this 'easy' solution was soooo close to what I needed but fuzzy photos definitely isn't the way to go!
  3. I am in need of the ability to show a larger image in the production information page. and still have the ability to use the click to enlarge feature to actually see a full-size version of my image. I found the following information and followed this advice: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...63564&st=20 look at the post by Rochdalemark at Mar 25 2004, 11:16 AM. I ran thru the Keep Image Proportions contrib, although I must admit I see absolutely no change on my site (perhaps the newer versions of OSC have this already included?) I changed my product_info.php file as suggested. and it does give me a larger image. HOWEVER, it gives me a larger FUZZY image until I force the browse to refresh and then it's clear. this happens every single time I go into a product page. this also happens for anyone else hitting my site. http://mylifeincards.com/store Also, the product_info.php code that is provided there does away with the Click to Enlarge feature and I would love to have that back. I tried combining pieces of the original product_info.php file and the new code but couldn't get it to work. Anyone have ideas for either of my problems??? Thanks so much! Leesa
  4. leesa0406

    Fuzzy product image until refresh?

    Now this is only happening the first time I load a product. after I refresh it the first time all subsequent attempts to view that product will have a clear image.
  5. Ok, I read thru this whole thread (I should have read before posting), but now I have more specific questions to ask: 1. will this work with mysql5? 2. can this work with the quantity price break contrib? i need both options. neither are installed so if there is a recommended order to install them *IF* they do work together I would love to hear any tips/cautions. It looks like the original contributor is no longer active in this thread so hopefully someone else has used this and will know the answers!!! thanks for your time!!!
  6. Hi, I'm very new to OScommerce, php, web hosting, you name it. :blink: but so far I've managed to get my site working pretty well. I need to have the option for a customer to upload files, possibly up to 6 per product. will this option allow that or does this only allow for 1 file to be uploaded per product? also, does this work with MySQL 5? I think some of the replies I saw a few posts back were showing changes needed to make this work in mysql5 but I want to verify before I start mucking with things since I'm not super comfortable with any changes I'm making right now. looks like I'm running php4. thanks so much for any input!!!