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  1. rafiq_qc


    Which one you used to remove this error? would you kindly explain. thanks.
  2. rafiq_qc

    Product extra fields

    hi, You can just install this contribution:http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2202/category,all/search,product+extra+field bye.
  3. hi, How r u? Can install this again. U can mistake with integration,
  4. rafiq_qc

    How To Align Header And Boxes?

    Hi, May be u using margin-left difference. This makes problem. bye(Rafiq)
  5. rafiq_qc

    Manual Order Maker 1.4.1

    Hi, Have u "Order Editor"? Plz checkout it.
  6. rafiq_qc

    Batch Upload Of Product Images?

    Hi, May be not possible batch image upload from admin. Will u clear about ur question that's ur requirements. bye(Rafiq)
  7. rafiq_qc

    What Does This Error Mean?

    Hi, You can contact with USPS customer center. When your site run over the web that must be need "production server".You have a need to configure USPS of the admin.
  8. rafiq_qc

    USPS shipping cost Per item

    Is it possible in usps?
  9. hi all, I want to add shipping cost per item, that would be the following way: Shipping Rates: I don’t charge by weight, but that’s the only option available for shipping. I charge by the item. So, under shipping, can I get some functionality so that I can charge USPS Mail : $2.75 for first item, 1.50 for each additional item Or Priority Mail : $4.25 for the first item, 2.10 for each additional item And, $2.00 extra if they want gift wrapping (optional funcitionality) for each item they would like gift wrapping.