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  1. Which one you used to remove this error? would you kindly explain. thanks.
  2. hi, You can just install this contribution:,2202/category,all/search,product+extra+field bye.
  3. hi, How r u? Can install this again. U can mistake with integration,
  4. Hi, May be u using margin-left difference. This makes problem. bye(Rafiq)
  5. Hi, Have u "Order Editor"? Plz checkout it.
  6. Hi, May be not possible batch image upload from admin. Will u clear about ur question that's ur requirements. bye(Rafiq)
  7. Hi, You can contact with USPS customer center. When your site run over the web that must be need "production server".You have a need to configure USPS of the admin.
  8. Is it possible in usps?
  9. hi all, I want to add shipping cost per item, that would be the following way: Shipping Rates: I don’t charge by weight, but that’s the only option available for shipping. I charge by the item. So, under shipping, can I get some functionality so that I can charge USPS Mail : $2.75 for first item, 1.50 for each additional item Or Priority Mail : $4.25 for the first item, 2.10 for each additional item And, $2.00 extra if they want gift wrapping (optional funcitionality) for each item they would like gift wrapping.