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  1. Gshock

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hello, My multi store seems to be working just fine now after a few tries all of the contributions are playing nicely. However, emails sent from orders.php on the admin side seem to pe entering the config data from the main store rather than the store through which the order was placed. I assume I am missing something somewhere on this one page as the rest of the site is pulling correct store data. Any ideas? I imagine this is super easy, but for some reason I just cannot pin it down. (a little sleep might help)
  2. Gshock

    Attaching Files to Order

    Hi There, Made the mods in your order.php and am getting the following messages: 1 - Success /home/user/public_html/catalog/images/proof/ (green bg) 2 - /tmp/phpZ8N9q9 (red bg?) 3 - Success Success: File upload saved successfully. (green bg) 4 - Object (red bg?) 5 - Success Success: Order has been successfully updated. (with green bg) I am sure 1, 3 and 5 are as they should be, but having some difficulty nailing down the other two. I imagine I may have pulled over some additional code (from other mods) I didn't need while merging. If you would just verify that you don't get those, it would be appreciated. It is uploading the image to the correct folder and updating the db, so I am light years of where I would be otherwise. Also, should a link to the file show up in the order status comments or elsewhere? Thanks for your work!
  3. Hello All, First let me say this is a solid contribution and has served very well. Second, my php skills are pretty weak. I was just wondering if anyone has gone so far as to extend it's use to the admin side beyond a link to the image. Customers can currently upload an image without problems and I have been using Order Editor to Add a Proof "product" to orders and uploading the proof by ftp. It would be nice to be able to add a file upload to the orders.php to simplify the process. If anyone has done so I'd be appreciative to hear the details. If I hear nothing and have any success I will post the results. Thanks!