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  1. antb2003

    Live Support Fix

    I have got it working also But seeing as ASIABOUND has allreay added a contribution, there is no need for me to.... It really wasnt difficult with a clean install of MS2.2, but may be a little more difficult with other contrib added aswell. And trust me, I know nothing about php :P
  2. antb2003

    PWA with BTS Help Please

    Its limited to a number of free uses, but if you like it, it isnt much to register it ;)
  3. antb2003

    PWA with BTS Help Please

    You can use a program like compare & merge to highlight the differences in your code You can find the program at the link below http://www.allyoursoftware.com/ I use this piece of software and have been able to combine Standard OSC Install WYSIWYG html Editor Live Support Centre Page BTS v1.0b I have managed to get all of these working together using this softwae and trust me, I dont know much about PHP ;) G :blink: :blink: d luck
  4. antb2003

    shoppe enhancement controller problem

    try using the structure only, and data only files seperately. thtat fixed it for me.
  5. Hi I have downloaded the Basic Template System Contribution, and have succesfully installed it. It runs the website with no problems at all and I have been customising the pages a little myself, but cant really understand exactly what it is I am supposed to be doing.... I also tried the Simple Template System, which basically allows you to fully write a layout in HTML and just place tags in the correct places for the page to display what you need it to display. Is that a similar thing to what the basic template system does, and if so does anyone have a list of what the tags are, and what tags relate to what piece of the page? If you cant answer the questions above directly, any suggestions would be appreciated. I know a tiny little bit about PHP, so please take it easy. Cheers Anthony
  6. antb2003

    Abandoned Carts

    Hi I am willing to tie all this up into a contribution if you can send me all the files required..... PM me and we can sort something out