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  1. Ooopps! I just noticed the "maximum Value". Hadn't connected that to the value of the product. Modified those and it all works. Many Thanks Brilliant Addon MrBeard
  2. Hi Fantastic addon. I found the update and installed it only to discover that I was missing all the language files and had to find the original. Well sorted that. uploaded then updated. it seems to all work except for one issue I have; I have all of them active except citylink to test. When I have items in my cart of 1.5K it only shows standard parcels and parcelforce despite the fact that first class works upto 3K or 10K depending on code or admin screen. where as if I have a cart of 0.03k I get all the items I expect. I tried to search through the topic for help but could not find a ready answer. What have I missed? I'm sure it must be to do with weight limits but I can't figure it out. Kindly MrBeard
  3. MrBeard

    Google Checkout killed my paypal

    Since installing Google checkout, all my payment options have disappeared. they are stil active in admin, and the Paypal files are the same. I have tried including the Cheques and Cash options but that does not appear either and I just get: Payment Method This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order Unfortunately my pre Google checkout files got corrupted. Can anyone guide me where to look for errors. I am pretty good at PHP and have added quite a few addons, about a dozen or so. Cheers MrBeard http://shop.enchantingartefacts.co.uk
  4. MrBeard

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Hi All Please help me. I have the Google Checkout module working, but being in the UK I am struggling to get the Shipping to work. I've tried the Shipping calculator and it does not return me anything useful. In the admin section where I edit the Payment module I have the following: I can't find where the "rmfirst" exists ******************************************************** Disable Google Checkout for Virtual Goods? If this configuration is enabled and there is any virtual good in the cart the Google Checkout button will be shown disabled. True False Allow US PO BOX shipping? Allow sending items to US PO Boxes? True False Default Values for Real Time Shipping Rates Default values for real time rates in case the webservice call fails. Set Default Value to 0 to disable the method Shipping Generator Royal Mail 1st Class Standard rmfirst not configured! Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard rmsecond not configured! Royal Mail Standard Parcels rmstandardparcel not configured! GoogleCheckout Carrier Calculated Shipping Do you want to use GC Carrier calculated shipping? This feature can be mixed with Flat Rate Shipping, but not Merchant Calculated. True False Carrier Calculater Shipping Configuration Set Default Values, Fix and Variable charge Set Def. Value to 0 to disable the method FedEx domestic_types Def. Value | Fix Charge | Variable | Method Name GBP: GBP: % Ground GBP: GBP: % Home Delivery GBP: GBP: % Express Saver GBP: GBP: % 2Day GBP: GBP: % Standard Overnight GBP: GBP: % Priority Overnight GBP: GBP: % First Overnight ******************************************************** I'm sorry if I am repeating other peoples questions, I searched but couldn't find this being addressed. Cheers MrBeard
  5. MrBeard

    Customers extra fields

    Hi Guys really good of yuou to make this contrib. i'm looking forward to using it. however a little problem that i hoped you could help with: in admin i get: Warning: call_user_func() expects first argument, 'tep_cfg_get_customer_group', to be a valid callback in J:\ralph web\breedershops\m2\admin\includes\functions\general.php on line 1234 Default Customer Group Warning: call_user_func() expects first argument, 'tep_cfg_get_customer_group', to be a valid callback in J:\ralph web\breedershops\m2\admin\includes\functions\general.php on line 1234 help please MrBeard